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Fanlore Policy & Admin volunteers are responsible for managing and developing both the technical aspects and the policies of Fanlore. They help shape Fanlore policies and guidelines, categories, and tutorials; maintain policy-related documentation; and make and communicate decisions about Fanlore policy violations.

Policy & Admin volunteers can do everything that Gardeners do and work closely with them to resolve conflicts and respond to questions and complaints. However, Policy & Admin volunteers have access to more tools for maintaining the integrity of the wiki.

You can contact Fanlore Policy & Admin via the contact form if you have a question about Fanlore's Policies or how they are enforced, need help with Identity Protection, or have an issue with another user on Fanlore, including a Gardener or admin. (Select the appropriate topic from the Subject menu. If you select 'Fanlore Policies,' 'Identity Protection,' 'Technical Support,' or 'Other,' your message will reach the Policy & Admin team.) For any other issues, add the AttentionGardeners template to an article's Talk page to request assistance from Fanlore Gardeners.

Current Policy & Admin Volunteers

A bunch of friendly & helpful people! (We hope.) We are:


Policy & Admin volunteers have admin permissions:

  • Can edit articles & categories outside of the project namespace
  • Can edit the project namespace
  • Can create & add to talk pages
  • Can move articles
  • Can delete articles
  • Can undelete articles
  • Can upload files
  • Can re-upload files
  • Can make minor edits
  • Can rollback revisions
  • Can hide revisions
  • Can block/ban other users
  • Can alter user rights – add users to admin or gardeners group (NOT sysops group)
  • Can view the history of a deleted article
  • Can protect an article
  • Can edit a protected article
  • Can mark articles as patrolled (only other admins & gardeners can see)
  • Will never be prompted with a CAPTCHA
  • Cannot alter system messages around the wiki