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Journal Community
Name: The Fannish Friday 5
Date(s): 2003-08-14 - 2013-02 (last entry)
Moderator: nolivingman, semielliptical
Founder: natlyn, slashmommy and lanchid
Type: meta-ish?
Fandom: Multifandom
URL:; archive link

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The Fannish Friday 5 was a Livejournal meme community modeled after the Friday 5[1] meme that was popular at the time of the comm's creation. Instead of general questions it offers fannish questions.[2] The community was founded by natlyn, slashmommy and lanchid. For a few years penknife took over the helm and then semielliptical and nolivingman co-moderated.

Meta about the fannish5 questions:
Things I have noticed about the older questions:
–They skew towards a more old-school definition of fandom - more talk about zines, conventions, etc.
–The questions are much more general. Most of them are about movies or series as a whole, and less about individual characters.
–There is the assumption that you have only one fandom
–There is the assumption that you are into slash
Additionally, (and this is just a vibe I get) I have the feeling that the person or persons writing the questions were (at that point in time) totally unaware of anime fandoms. [3]


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