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Name: Trascendenza
Alias(es): Trascendenza
Type: fan writer, moderator, essayist, fan artist
Fandoms: Psych, Heroes, Brokeback Mountain, Superman Returns, Threshold, Dead Like Me, bandom, etc.
Communities: ladiesbigbang
URL: trascendenza at AO3
trascendenza at LiveJournal
trascendenza at Dreamwidth
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Trascendenza is a prolific multifandom fan writer, having written over 300 fanfics in over a hundred fandoms.

She participated in Bandom Terminology Debate and several other Metafandom discussions, with key meta posts; for example:

She has also created icons and podfic cover art, such as for sophinisba's Pastimes & Lifestyles.

Blanket Statement

Trascendenza has given blanket permission for transformative works based on her fanworks:

I grant blanket permission to create any kind of transformative work based on my fanwork, including but not limited to: art, icons, graphics, vids, audiofic, sequels/prequels/other things set in the same universe, remixes, meta, translation, crafts, etc. Any exceptions to this blanket permission will be clearly noted in my creator's notes. As of the time of writing this (2013-08-27), there are no exceptions to this policy in my works.[1]


  1. trascendenza at Dreamwidth. The commenting culture in my journal, linking my entries, and my transformative works policy, 27 August 2013. (Accessed 16 February 2015.)