Bodies in Motion

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Title: Bodies in Motion
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 2009
Medium: print
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Language: English
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cover by L.A. Adolf
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cover, showing comb binding

Bodies in Motion is a 188-page slash CSI: Las Vegas anthology with art by L.A. Adolf.

  • Blue by Valentine: (Nick/Grissom) A wedding, too many martinis, and an unexpected dance lead to huge changes in Grissom and Nick’s lives. (10 pages)
  • Green by Valentine: (Nick/Grissom Bobby/David) Rumors and Hodges never do mix well and it takes Bobby to shut him up… as observed by David. (4 pages)
  • Yellow (aka Astronomy for CSIs) by Valentine: Catherine muses about changes in the lab.
  • Red by Valentine: Greg’s bemused observations of shifting patterns in the lab’s relationships. (Pt. 4 in the Color Series) (4 pages)
  • Wake Up And Smell The Roses by Valentine: (Nick/Grissom) A hungry Nick, a chocolate bar, and everything changes in a moment of insanity between him and Grissom. (2 pages)
  • The Pants by Amy Marie: (Nick/Greg) The lab, Greg and a tight pair of jeans distract Nick. (1 page)
  • Open Season by VampyrAlex: (Nick/Warrick) After Nigel Crane, Warrick becomes hyper-aware of Nick but it takes a near-disastrous vacation to cement his feelings and to, finally, admit them, to himself and to Nick. (23 pages)
  • Lady Heather’s Garden by Dovya Blacque: (Nick/Grissom) Lady Heather steps in to confront Grissom’s intimate phantoms… about Nick Stokes. (32 pages)
  • That Look by Starr Copeland: (Nick/Grissom) The way Grissom looks at Nick has finally forced an unexpected confrontation. (19 pages)
  • Three Wise Men by Chris J. Ueberall: (Nick/Greg/Grissom) 'Being in love with a man who is in a partnership with another man you feel drawn to is a perfect way to lose objectivity.’ (10 pages)
  • Ad Absurdum by Chris J. Ueberall: (Greg/Grissom) After a car accident, while in the hospital, Greg has a crazy dream that his lover, Gil Grissom, was actually in love with Sara Sidell. (4 pages)
  • Lifeline by Dovya Blacque: (Nick/Grissom) Walter Gordon left his impression on Nick Stokes, more of an impression than he can handle. Luckily, Gil Grissom is there – constantly – to anchor him while he mentally climbs out of the grave from which he’s already physically emerged. (also in Dyad #25)
  • Elegy by Dovya Blacque: (Nick/Grissom) Warrick’s death, Grissom’s steady presence, and Catherine’s confession lead Nick through the labyrinth of coping with his soul-numbing grief. (26 pages)
  • Vegas – 7 Flashes: by Chris J. Ueberall CSI meets “Firefly”! Imagine the CSIs in the “Firefly” universe. 7 brief insights into that possible reality. (6 pages)
  • Collision Course by Starr Copleand: ( CSI/The Sentinel crossover – Blair/Nick, Jim/Blair, Nick/Grissom) While in Las Vegas, Blair Sandburg meets Nick Stokes…and the two of them scheme to get the lead out of their potential relationships with the men with whom they truly belong. (also in Dyad #25) (12 pages)

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