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Title: You're Hercules?
Publisher: DreamCatcher Press
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Language: English
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You're Hercules? is a 106-page gen anthology with stories by Linda Chapple and Angela Field. It was originally published in the UK.

  • The Brand by Angela Field--When Iolaus is plagued by recurring nightmares, Hercules takes him to a Seer friend of his, unaware that doing so will cause the nightmares to come true. (19 pages)
  • The Flowers Of Tartarus by Linda Chapple--Hercules is poisoned by one of Hera's creatures and this time there is no cure. That is what Iolaus believes, until Hermes arrives to tell him that there is indeed a cure...deep in the bowels of Tartarus. (34 pages)
  • Spider's Mate by Angela Field--When Hercules hears tales of a monster preying on yet another village, he decides to do something about it. The matter becomes a little more personal when the monster snatches Iolaus, but even after the monster has been dealt with, the legacy of its existence lingers on. (45 pages)
  • First Draft by Linda Chapple--When Hercules receives another instalment of his biography from Salmoneous, he invites Iolaus over to take a look at it... (4 pages)

Sister Zines

Reactions and Reviews

You're Hercules, You're Iolaus, and You're Salmoneus DreamCatcher Press Gen rated G-PG13

I ordered these three zines on a whim and found them to be definitely worth the money. The stories are all by either Linda Chapple or Angela Field, and all are nicely plotted well-written adventure stories. They are definitely Iolaus-centric, but there's plenty of Herc too, and both authors have a good grasp of the relationship between the two characters. Our two heroes fight lots of monsters, find themselves in some terribly tense situations, and kick lots of butt.

These zines were originally published in Britain, but the authors have done a good job of catching the American feel of Herc and Iolaus' dialog. A few Britishisms crept in occasionally, but frankly I was enjoying the stories so much that I didn't mind. I'd be hard pressed to choose favorites, but I think Chapple's story "The Flowers of Tartarus," where Herc is poisoned by one of Hera's monsters and Iolaus has to search for the cure in Tartarus, and Field's "Stalk Like an Egyptian" where Hercules, Iolaus and Salmoneus return to Attica and run into their old friend the Mummy, which decides it wants Iolaus as a sacrifice are stand-outs. [1]


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