Taylor Hebert

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Name: Taylor Hebert
Occupation: villain, hero
Title/Rank: Skitter, Weaver, Khepri
Status: dubiously alive
Relationships: Brian Laborn (boyfriend), Danny Hebert (father)
Fandom: Worm
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Taylor Hebert is the protagonist and primary viewpoint character of Worm.

Canon Biography

At the beginning of Worm, Taylor is 16 and living with her father, Danny Hebert. She is bullied at school by Emma Barnes, Sophia Hess, and Madison Clements, also known as "The Terrible Trio" by fans. After the bullying escalates to the point where she requires hospitalization, she gains the power to control bugs.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

A common type of Taylor-centered fanfics are "altpower" AU fanfics, where Taylor gained a different power than controlling bugs. Often, these stories will follow the stations of canon, with events like fighting Lung, joining the Undersiders, and robbing the bank all happening despite the change in power, and happening in similar ways as well. Some of these fics have been criticized for having Taylor be Taylor in name only; OOC and essentially used as a blank slate for whatever power the author wants to explore.

Shippy fanart of Taylor/Rachel Lindt, a rare femslash pairing. Art by teaandspite, originally posted to tumblr.

Shipping fics are less common. Taylor Hebert/Lisa Wilbourn is the most common pairing, with 62 fics on AO3, with the next most common Taylor pairing being Emma Barnes/Taylor Hebert with 17 fics. Note that because a large number of fics are hosted on forums such as SpaceBattles, Sufficient Velocity, and Questionable Questing, which don't have similarly robust search or tagging features as AO3, this isn't necessarily representative of the total magnitude of fics.

Example Fanworks


  • Cenotaph, a somewhat "serious" longfic (127k words) that adheres to the dark tone of canon and follows a Taylor who made a different decision on her first night out as a parahuman.
  • Taylor Varga, an altpower crossover longfic (1.7 million words) with the OVA Luna Varga, where Taylor has her brain merged with Princess Luna.



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