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Forum · Message Board
Name: SpaceBattles
Date(s): 1998-present
Moderated: Yes
Founder(s): Johan Alm
Type: Message board
Fandom: Televised sci-fi, Familiar of Zero, Worm, others
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Stub: This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content. is a message board, an offshoot of SpaceBattles, a site created in 1996 by Johan Alm to display CGI fan movies, generally involving conflict between spaceships from various science fiction franchises. An original guestbook feature meant to allow viewers to provide feedback soon was overwhelmed by arguments and debates about the accuracy of the battles depicted in said fan movies. As a result of this, 1998 saw the creation of a forum that remains in operation to this day, and which over the years has become a major hub for several fandoms.