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Synonym(s)alternate power, alt!power
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altpower is a fandom trope that refers to giving a canon character a different set of superpowers than they have in canon. The term probably[citation needed] originated in the Worm/Parahumans fandom, where the trope is so popular that it is considered its own genre of fic. The trope is also seen in many other fandoms that have superpowers or magic, (e.g. MCU, BNHA or Naruto) but the term "altpower" is not generally used.

In the Worm fandom, The primary focus on most altpower fics is the ramifications on canon of the fic's protagonist having a different power, and exploring what the character would be like with that power. This is partly due to the close relationship between the nature of powers and the personality of the user in canon. Many of these fics were gen. However, over time het, slash and femme slash became more common over the years and as it migrated to other fandoms.

In the Worm fandom, these fics mostly focus on the protagonist, Taylor Hebert. Some fans essentially believe that the versions of Taylor presented in altpower fics are essentially OCs with only the same background in common with the canon character.

Altpower was an optional genre category on the now-defunct fanfiction review site Ficdb.



  • 28 Taylors Later by Discreet
  • Glassmaker (Spacebattles) by JellyfishBlues, a light Taylor/Lisa fic featuring Taylor with a power that lets her shape glass
  • Camera Shy, Archived version, by TheGreatGimmick -- in which Taylor has a grab-bag of powers centering around being perceived
  • Adaptation by 6thfloormadness -- in which Taylor has Crawler's power
  • Intuition by ShayneT -- Taylor triggers with "a minor Thinker power"
  • Tank by maroon-sweater -- "Taylor triggers in the locker with the ability to turn into an arbitrary number of Soviet tanks." -- very much written as a commentary on altpower fics and other trends within the fandom

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