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Name: Ficdb
Owner/Maintainer: samosa_samsara
Dates: ~December 2018 - ~December 2019
Type: Fanfic recommendations
Fandom: panfandom, original fiction
URL: (Archive from August 2019)
Ficdb interface.PNG
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Ficdb was a website built to review and recommend fanfiction based on a user's tastes. It was described by the creator as "Goodreads for fanfiction" and aiming to "build a machine-learning powered fanfic recommendation engine".[1]

The site started out with a focus on Harry Potter and Worm fanfiction, but has expanded to many other fandoms since its opening. Users in the Ficdb Discord server could request new fandom categories to be added once there are multiple fics for that fandom listed on the site.

Ficdb allowed entries and reviews for original fiction as well.

In addition to leaving reviews, users could "Heart" other users' reviews, and could add fanfic entries to their "Bookshelf" with status Want to Read, Reading, Read, Waiting For Updates, Dropped, or Not Interested.

Ficdb went offline in December 2019. It had over 1,500 fics listed.[2]


  • In lieu of a password system as is usual on most sites for logging in, Ficdb instead emails the user a personalized login link.
  • When creating a review page for a fic, editors chose the fic’s characters from a list of characters for all fandoms on the site, with the option to also choose “other” or “original character.” The character lists were copied from and used the same format (think E. Garak instead of Elim Garak)
    • Site users could only describe one romantic relationship per fan fiction submitted, without an option for gen relationships. However, the website was flexible enough to allow that one relationship to be poly


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  2. ^ 15 fics per page × 101 pages (on 8-28-2019 archive) = 1,515 fics