28 Taylors Later

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Title: 28 Taylors Later
Author(s): Discreet
Date(s): First posted Aug 4, 2016.
Length: 12,171 words, 4 chapters
Genre: Altpower, Canon Divergence, Darkfic, Gen
Fandom: Worm
External Links: SpaceBattles - A Discreet Collection of Shards, SpaceBattles - Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread, On AO3

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28 Taylors Later is an altpower Worm fanfic by Discreet. The work was cross-posted on both SpaceBattles and Archive of Our Own. The story focuses on a darker version of Taylor Hebert, from the perspective of Weld.

Plot Summary

Director Piggot hands Weld a file on a known and powerful villain, Narcissa. Weld is immune to her power. He goes into an encampment encompassing most of Brockton Bay, where he meets Taylor. Taylor is living in a city full of doppelgangers of herself and has them working on rebuilding damaged infrastructure. Her plan is to manufacture and trade cellphones with the rest of the world. Weld leaves, but not before finding out that the Taylor he is interacting with was Danny Hebert, her father.

The PRT destroys Brockton Bay, against Weld's wishes. However, a few thousand of Taylor's doppelgangers survived and choose to lay low, blending in with homeless people and slowly adding to her numbers. Narcissa decides that after the bombing of Brockton Bay, which killed many of her doppelgangers, she is no longer satisfied with taking over a single city or even just the U.S.A. Taylor gains control over Dragon.

Taylor aggressively takes control of a large percentage of the United States, leaving the PRT on the defensive. One of her doppelgangers shows up outside of the new PRT border, asking to talk with Weld. She reveals that she is leaning against adding the rest of humanity to herself. Weld points out that for all her knowledge and memories, she only has the opinions and perspective of one person.


Recs & Reviews

"Excellent idea. Taylor clones and subsumes everyone to make the world more efficient. Only Weld is immune to her power."[1] 2017 bookmark by Misericorde
"28 Taylors Later this isn't cracky, she's just genuinely terrifying.

There was a snippet where Weld or some other Ward got into a helicopter with Piggot in the aftermath of the Leviathan fight where she showed him what this unfathomably OP Taylor was doing and that they couldn't and wouldn't do anything against her."[2]

2018 rec by erasels


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