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Name: Amelia Claire Dallon, Panacea, The Red Queen
Occupation: hero, villain
Relationships: Victoria Dallon (sister), Carol Dallon (mother), Mark Dallon (father), Marquis (biological father)
Fandom: Worm
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Amy Dallon is a minor character in the web serial Worm and its sequel Ward.

Canon Biography

In Worm

Amy is the adoptive sister of Victoria Dallon, and a member of their family superhero team, New Wave. She has the power to reshape biological matter. With this ability, she can heal nearly any injury or ailment, although she follows a self-imposed restriction to not use her power on brains in the start of canon. She works at the local hospital, using her power to heal many people. She doesn't get along well with her mother, Carol.

Amy secretly has an intense and unhealthy incestuous crush on Victoria. While under threat by the Slaughterhouse Nine, a group of serial killing villains, she changes Victoria's brain chemistry to be in love with her, and immediately regrets it. Victoria doesn't trust her to fix it, and flies away. When Victoria is grievously injured by a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine, Amy heals Victoria against Victoria's will, putting her in a cocoon, allegedly due to the amount of injury. Somewhere in this process Amy rapes Victoria and drastically modifies her body and mind, resulting in her having an inhuman form and being deliriously obsessed with Amy. Amy doesn't fix her afterwards, and shortly after turns herself into the Birdcage, the maximum security prison for parahumans. There, she meets her biological father, Marquis.

Amy was responsible for turning Taylor into Khepri. After Gold Morning, Amy is seen near Victoria, and it's implied she fixes her.

In Ward

As Victoria is the primary viewpoint character of Ward, more detail is given on the nature of her assault.

Amy is a major antagonist in Ward.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

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Amy is a common target of fix-it fics, with a focus on preventing her self-loathing and downward spiral that leads to her assaulting Victoria.

Amy is sometimes written as being exclusively attracted to Victoria, not more generally lesbian as implied in canon.

In fanon, she commonly smokes cigarettes.

Her most commonly tagged ships on AO3 are Amy/Taylor (30) and Amy/Victoria (27).

Aura Theory

A common theory used to explain Amy's obsession with Victoria is "aura theory", which suggests that long-term repeated exposure to Victoria's awe-causing aura power caused her obsession. According to the theory, it may have been caused directly by the power, or it may be due to classical conditioning. Detractors of the theory point out that no one else who had long-term repeated exposure (such as other members of their family) had similar effects. The theory is brought up by Amy in Ward, and Victoria denies it.[1]

What Amy did to Victoria

Prior to Ward being released and revealing more explicit detail, many readers did not think that Amy sexually assaulted Victoria. Because of this, the details given in Ward are negatively viewed by some as a retcon.

Example Fanworks

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  • Amelia [1] by TanaNari. AU diverging after the Slaughterhouse Nine attack - Amy uses her power against the Nine and wins instead of assaulting Victoria.
  • Heredity [2] by BeaconHill. AU, Taylor is a hostage along with Amy at the bank when the Undersiders attack, and they team up. Amy POV.



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