Ben Linus

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Name: Benjamin Linus
Occupation: villain; in the alternate reality, history teacher
Relationships: Alex Rousseau (adoptive daughter)
Fandom: Lost
Other: played by the actor Michael Emerson
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Ben Linus is a character from the television series Lost.

When we first meet him, he's operating under the pseudonym Henry Gale. Then we learn that he's the head of the Others. Eventually he gets a whole lot more complicated than that.

Ben is a classic fan favorite type of character: a woobie with a painful past, who makes terrible decisions for reasons which only become clear after the fact, in desperate need of redemption. The finale seems to offer him some of that redemption: he will remain alive on the island as the "number two" to Hurley's "number one."

In the alternate reality of season six, we meet him as Dr. Benjamin Linus, history teacher.

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