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Title: Families
Publisher: Jeanne O'Donnell
Editor: Shelagh Collins
Author(s): Sheila Paulson
Cover Artist(s): J.R. Dunster
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by J.R. Dunster

Families is a gen 98-page Sentinel novel by Sheila Paulson with cover art by J.R. Dunster. It was edited by Shelagh Collins and published by Jeanne O'Donnell.


From zine flyer:
...an international terrorist is reported to be in Cascade, his possible target an economic summit with the US and Canada. One of the delegates, a wealthy woman from Seattle, claims Blair is her grandson, which brings the threat of change to both Blair and Jim, and makes Blair a target as a possible heir to millions. While he and Jim try to deal with the personal conflicts that arise over Mrs. Wade's claim, they must also seek the terrorist, amid the formal ball that starts the conference. When Blair is missing, with a bomb about to explode, can Jim rescue him in time? Can he defeat the terrorist? And what changes might happen in their lives?

From A 2001 Interview with Sheila Paulson

Question: Families is a zine-published novella about a wealthy woman who appears in Cascade, claiming to be Blair's grandmother. What was your favorite part of this story?

Answer: Two parts, the moment when Blair and Jim each realize that the other wants their friendship and partnership to continue, and the reunion in the damaged hotel. I wanted Blair to have to face the possibility of change. But as Kitty Woldow once said to me, the shows we like are about characters who have 'chosen' their families. Every fandom I'm active in deals with that concept in one way or another. That's one of the things that drew me to TS. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

This is a one-story zine by Sheila Paulson. The blurb says 'A grandmother chooses a grandson with devastating results to the grandson, and a Guide chooses... but that would be telling.' This was just a nice, friendly angsty, smarmy story, a breath of fresh air after what I'd just read before it. Blair is given a choice, and Jim tries not to stand in his way. I loved how each one's silence on the subject fostered a misunderstanding which sent the opposite message than the one they really felt. And I loved how they finally figured it out. And there was an interesting case story all mixed up with it, and both Jim and Blair got into danger and were resourceful. [2]
A terrorist threatens an economic summit, while a wealthy woman offers Blair a proposition that may turn his life upside down and sever his ties with Jim. One of the first zines I purchased was this story and my favorite by this author. I was so happy to see it released to the 'net so I could recommend it here. A very great read. [3]


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