The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page

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Name: The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page!
Dates: 1995(?) - present
Type: gen fanfic and zine lists
Fandom: The Real Ghostbusters
(formerly (defunct; viewable on the Internet Archive here)
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Created and maintained by Sheila Paulson (aka Venkie). While there were and are multiple sites online titled "The Real Ghostbusters Fanpage," for many RGB fans this was the Fanpage. Simple in its yellow-on-black formatting, the site included a brief episode guide, links, and most importantly fanfiction - listings of fanzines by zine title and by author, a listing of fanartists in zines, and an archive of fic posted online, many from zines (with permission from authors and publishers), including several hundred stories by the extremely prolific Venkie herself.

The site is gen; slash is not included, and there is very little het. The majority of the stories are h/c and smarm; many of the authors archived had contributed stories to the Bustin' smarm zines.

On Oct. 31, 2008, AOL shut down Hometown and all its homepages, including the Fanpage. It later was restored on Topcities, though lacking its zine listings [1] This former content is still available on the Internet Archive here [2]. In March 2011 the site was restored with a new design at The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page [3]