The Way To Go Home

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Title: The Way To Go Home
Author(s): Sheila Paulson
Date(s): after 1988
Fandom: Blake's 7/Real Ghostbusters
External Links: at AO3

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The Way To Go Home is a Blake's 7/Real Ghostbusters story by Sheila Paulson.

It is a sequel to Limbo that was published in Gambit #3.

Reactions and Reviews

...some crossovers work better than others. Like Kathryn and Sally, I didn't find that the sequel to "Limbo" was nearly as good as the original story. A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that I'm not a RGB fan, or even particularly familiar with the show, but I think that whenever you're trying to crossover two shows that are that different in tone you're going to have difficulties. If nothing else, the expectations of a B7 reader and the expectations of a _Real Ghostbusters_ reader are bound to be quite different, so how do you accommodate both of them? [1]

This is a sequel to "Limbo" but doesn't work quite so well. It's more self-indulgent and doesn't have the same kind of unifying theme as the previous story. The characters are too insightful to be true, I just found that a bit too hard to believe. And I wasn't really comfortable with the advice to the B7 characters to be more "touchy-feely" because, well, they just aren't that kind of people (especially Avon!). On the other hand, there were moments of wit, cool wierdness, action and definitely a lot of niceness, so if you feel like some niceness, and want to find out what happened next, then you wouldn't be wasting your time. So... what do *you* think? [2]

I think Sheila's preference for the Ghostbusters characters was a little too overt (this is a problem with cross-overs where the author likes one show better, it shows) and they *all* turned into Mary-Sues :-) and the scenes between Blake and Avon - in fact, everything about the characterisation of Blake - were utterly unbelievable to me. The gulf between the worlds of these two shows is waaayyy too great, I think - there were some nice ideas here, but it really sums up a lot of what I don't enjoy in cross-overs (okay, not all cross-overs).[3]


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