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Name: Lainie Stone (the author's chosen pseud)
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Professionals, Due South
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Lainie Stone is a fan writer in the Professionals and Due South fandoms.

In 1989, Lainie Stone was interviewed for The Hatstand Express #20. See Hatstand Interview with Lainie Stone.

Many of the stories written by Lanie Stone are among the best in fandom. She has a knack for crafting real characters and poignant moments in a short space. "Jon," "Secrets," and "The Watcher" all tell their tales in strong, clear language that holds the reader in its spell.

"Apprentice to a Journeyman", one of the hottest few pages in fan lit, and "Brass in Pocket" contain some of the most memorable moments. Who could forget Doyle in the gold silk robe pondering the matter of his appearance. In addition, many of Lanie Stone's stories seem to reflect a willingness to attempt something new, be it in format - "Conversation on a Sinking Raft," "First Week Thoughts," "First Week Thoughts Five Years Later"; universe - "Aurelian," "Rachid"; or in the past or future Bodie and Doyle might expect - "Rules of the Game," "Charity Never Faileth," "Braille," "Brown Study," and "Heat." Certainly many of the classics or must-reads are found on the list of her stories - "Aurelian," "Brass in Pocket," "Apprentice to a Journeyman," "Brown Study," "Crystal Magic," "Heat," "Rachid," "Rules of the Game," "Secrets," "The Complete Turn-On," "The Watcher," and "Yenta."

Her skill for storytelling and shaping memorable characters and fleshing out Bodie and Doyle with different characteristic . combinations, in treating unusual subjects has enriched fandom greatly and given us all some of our most memorable reading experiences. [1]
As I looked over the list of stories that Lanie Stone has given fandom, I realized how many of my favorites were there.

She has truly given me many hours of fannish reading enjoyment. I think one of the reasons for this is the many different Bodies and Doyles she has given fandom in her work. In each of her stories, I have found some new aspect of both characters exposed and explored. Certainly the Bodie and Doyle seen in such diverse stories as "Art Forms," "Brass in Pocket," and "Sapphires at Midnight" are all different, yet totally believable, characters. Lanie shows fandom a Bodie and Doyle who are flawed, vulnerable men - and I always find myself most fascinated by those stories which tell of our heroes in just this way. I must admit that it has always been a nice bonus that Lanie writes excellent (translation: very HOT) sex scenes when the story calls for them. Certainly "Apprentice to a Journeyman" is one of the best and hottest stories of its kind in fandom.

It's impossible for me to select my "favorite" Lanie Stone story. But, in addition to the stories I've already mentioned, some of my other favorites are: "Brown Study." "Five and a Half Months," "Rules of the Game," and "Braille." I also have enjoyed Lanie's forays into historicals (these 'alternate' Bodies and Doyles are always such fascinating men!), with my favorites being "Aurelian" and "In His Majesty's Secret Service." [2]



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