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You may be looking for two other Professionals stories, each called On Heat.

Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Heat
Author(s): Lainie Stone
Length: 20 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: ProsLib CD

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Heat is a Bodie/Doyle story by Lainie Stone.

It was published in Mobile Ghettos #2 and is on the ProsLib CD.

This was the last Professionals story written by this author, as she gafiated, as per her letter in The Hatstand Express #13. She later wrote a few additional stories in other fandoms.

Reactions and Reviews

I skimmed a copy of MOBILE GHETTOES II at a friend's, and found the stories uniformly pleasant and enjoyable, except for the last, short piece—"Heat", by Lainie Stone — which is simply the best Pros story I have ever read and the best fan story I have read in years. Incredibly depressing, incredibly touching, incredibly good. Not all that plausible biologically speaking (thank god!) but who cares, all the emotions are right. I heartily urge people to buy this zine.[1]
HEAT by Lainie Stone - something about the "mood" that she managed to maintain throughout the story that really sticks with me; it had a lot of strong emotions but presented in a subtle, muted manner that fit very well with the "environment" of the story.[2]
Read this for the first time tonight...It hits one of my kinks, of course - post-apocalypse fic (I blame growing up in the '80s, myself *g*) - which doesn't hurt, but there was something just good about it, apart from that. I love fic that can make you feel for the characters, real, proper feeling, and this one definitely got me!

Doyle is still working for CI5, but a very different CI5, one that is coping with the disaster that has overcome the UK, now an isolated island struggling with disease and an energy crisis. Bodie has been gone for some time - presumed dead in the catastrophe - and we follow Doyle in his determination not to give in.

I thought the background to it all was nicely, lightly drawn, and the couple of original characters equally well done. The lads are the lads, Cowley is there, and I do like to see them being them and doing what they do best - coping with the world gone mad, in their own inimitable style... *g*

Also - yeay, there is still wonderful old Prosfic yet to be discovered!

... Does anyone know if there's a sequel?! [3]
That was such a good fic---one of those you read and go 'must have sequel' to immediately and insistently.[4]
I read this quite recently too - it was in one of my Circuit Library batches - and I liked it a lot. I do like stories that create new (but believable) worlds and scenarios, and yet still depict the B&D that we know and love. I'm always full of admiration for authors who have the ability to do this.[5]
Oh it's wonderful - the atmosphere is just so well done, and yes, having Bodie back, and the promise of his world recovering, being worthwhile again... *sighs happily* (*also sighs for a sequel*) [6]
Despite many pleas, Lainie never got around to writing a sequel....I should qualify my reply about no sequel to "Heat" by adding that she did start writing one, titled "Summer", but never got around to finishing it before leaving the fandom.[7]
... good writing, though depressing...[8]
An AU with a post-apocalyptic setting, and my fave of the few such stories in Pros. After a worldwide illness wipes out most of the people, the survivors struggle to survive both physically and emotionally. Doyle still works for Cowley, but CI5 has an entirely different mandate. Doyle does his job helping the world that's trying to fix itself, but he's cold inside, his feelings numbed. Then, on a field trip to the north, he meets Bodie, whom he had thought was dead, as Bodie thought Doyle and Cowley must be dead. Along with so much else in this story, I like the way it ends not with instantaneous change, with everything immediately being righted, but rather with an acknowledgement that change might now be possible, that summer will come with its heat and Doyle might once again be able to feel warm now Bodie's back with him.[9]


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