In His Majesty's Secret Service

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: In His Majesty's Secret Service
Author(s): Lainie Stone
Length: 169k or 61 typewritten pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: ProsLib CD

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In His Majesty's Secret Service is a Bodie/Doyle circuit story by Lainie Stone.


In 2000, two fans Cassie Ingaben and Dagger compiled an index of many of the circuit stories. They also wrote brief summaries:

  • Dagger: Lord Doyle, in classic tradition, is a moral and quick-witted spy masquerading as a debauched diletante in order to ferret out a French spy.The somewhat naive Bodie rescues him from robbers and fits nicely into his plans to make his target jealous. The growth of the relationship between Bodie and Doyle is an unexpected benefit.
  • Cassie: Restoration England. Lord D is helping the king to find a French spy, who has also caused D's wife estrangement and death, and now covets D lustily. B is a squire who saves D from bandits; at first D uses him to make his enemy jealous, but then they fall in love. The villain beats up D and almost rapes him, but B rescues the situation - happily ever after in the countryside (but always ready to the King's summon)."

Reactions and Reviews

"Lainie Stone is very iffy at times; I've only enjoyed about half of her output, but then, she writes a lot of her stuff in the first person, which I have a violent aversion to. You're on your own here. She did write one of the only historicals I've been able to read: "In His Majesty's Secret Service."...[it] retained the feel of Lads Out Spying for the Government.....It's critical that the Lads still *seem* very Lad-like." [1]
A historical AU--one of my favorites, in fact, set during the reign of Charles II. Doyle, the son of an Earl, is a dissolute wastrel as far as society knows, but in reality he works in what we would call intelligence for Charles. He is playing a dangerous game with a French spy who desires him as well as government secrets. Doyle meets Bodie one night, while traveling, when Doyle's coach is attacked and Bodie joins in the fight. Bodie was raised in a Puritan household (!) but, not unnaturally, didn't really fit in. He's off to London to seek his fortune. Doyle takes him in and introduces him to society. Bodie eventually comes to understand the game Doyle is playing and, in typical Bodie fashion, starts playing his own game. *g* You'll find sword fighting, rescues, vengeance, intrigues, and--yes--romance. The period details are marvelous, the dialogue rings true, and the secondary characters are well-rounded and believable (including the hissable villain). I love it. Oh, and it's long! Perfect for late-winter doldrums. Go. Read.[2]
it is totally my cup of tea! *g* I adore AUs, and love how perfectly our lads fit in to any period. This was wonderful - I loved the set up, and how they immediately clicked and their relationship developed, and their first kiss was...oh, gorgeous! A couple of bits were very gruesome, weren't they! And yes, a very hissable villain! Is there a sequel? The ending definitely left things wide open for a sequel! [3]
It is a bit gruesome in places, yes. And yet never over-the-top, I don't think. I don't know, it just really worked for me. There is no sequel that I know of, alas. I would definitely like more from this world! [4]


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