Rules of the Game (Professionals story)

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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Rules of the Game
Author(s): Lainie Stone and Anne Carr
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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Rules of the Game is a slash Professionals circuit story by Lainie Stone and Anne Carr.

It is a story on The 1985 Hatstand Express Top Ten Lists.

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

"Of the Pros stories you have written, which is your favorite? Why? My favourite is "Out of the Jungle" which appeared in the Australian zine, "Magnetism". It was inspired by the hatstand, "Rules of the Game" which is my favourite circuit hatstand of all time." [1]


My ten favourite hatstands follow but they are NOT, with the exception of the first, in any order of preference. However, as all my friends know, as all my friends know, my all-time, ultimate, best-loved story is RULES OF THE GAME. Most hatstands are published anonymously as we're well aware, but I'm pleased to say I've met the authors and been able to thank them personally for the pleasure that story gave me. I've loved that story since I read it in 1983 and I've never changed my mind about it. Don't ask me why I prefer it to everything else, I don't KNOW why. It exists and I just do! [2]


Bodie's past catching up with him, with some unexpected results for Doyle. Plus I just like the atmosphere of the story.[3]