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Title: Kaliffee
Publisher: Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Sheri Hawke and Sandi Hawke
Date(s): December 1990-1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Kaliffee is a slash K/S Star Trek: TOS anthology. The name of the zine comes from the Vulcan term used in the episode "Amok Time," and means "challenge."

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Deb Lewis
back cover of issue #1, Deb Lewis

Kalifee 1 was published in December 1990 and contains 168 pages. Cartoons by Deb Lewis.

From an ad for the first issue:
This 'no-holds-barred' first issue boldly goes to the final frontier with: "A Gift Beyond Price": Spock finds gainful employment in a Pleasure Dome when he is kidnapped, and James T. must rescue nim; two follow-up stories -- one to "Mirror, Mirror" and another to "City..." in which Kirk vacations with Spock on Vulcan; and a hurt/comfort novella by Mallett! [1]
  • Editorial (2)
  • Friend, poem by Cassandra (3)
  • The Ending by Anna Parrish (Kirk has returned to the ISS Enterprise, and Spock is determined to find his "Human" side.) (4)
  • Shadows, poem by Rachel Cavendish (27)
  • A Gift Beyond Price by Liliath Garrick (Spock finds gainful employment in a Pleasure Dome when he is kidnapped, and Jim must rescue him, despite the fact that a show of force could jeopardize the delicate negotiations.) (27)
  • Shells by Rachel Cavendish (47)
  • A Debt Repaid by C.A. Mallett (a classic hurt/comfort novella) (53)
  • But His Cock Stayed Stiff, filk by Rachel and Sherri (134)
  • If You Could Read My Mind, filk by Rachel and Sherri (136)
  • This I Would Give by Sherri Hawke, Rachel Cavendish, and Sybel Morgan (137)
  • Rockface by Robert Cole (144)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

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[cartoons]: The cartoons by Deb Lewis were superb. My favorite was "Energizing now...." She has a touch of class for these cartoons were funny without being dirty, but most certainly were K/S. [2]

This zine has some very funny obscene cartoons and a couple of entertainingly bawdy filks ("But His Cock Stayed Stiff"). Sadly, these are its high points; the writing is not noticeably edited.

  • The Ending, The ISS Spock puts on an elaborate charade to force his Kirk to confront his abuse as a child and free himself from the need to show no weakness, in order to love him. Some interesting aspects, but generally rather tedious and improbable. The father is unmitigatedly evil, and the all-knowing Spock is not terribly interesting.
  • A Gift Beyond Price, Kirk goes undercover to rescue Spock from drugged sexual slavery. Well-written for an overdone premise.
  • A Debt Repaid, Convoluted, unedited and way overlong hurt/comfort novella involving a human/vulcan hybrid "mary-sue" - Tulann. Kirk has left Spock to take his promotion to admiral. Spock has been blinded by either an explosion or tumor, refuses to have the tumor operated on, and is dying of pon farr. Kirk and McCoy reconcile to go find him. Tulann appears, controlling everybody's pain, seducing McCoy and being raped by Kirk despite the fact that as a psychic healer she's not supposed to bond, ever. Oh, yes, and btw, she's Spock's little sister. She goes around making long unintelligible speeches about everybody's needs. Eventually all four are put through the Warriors' bonding ritual, McCoy marrying Tulann, Spock marrying Kirk. Just about all the zine cliches you can get, rolled up in one poorly written story. Though... well, I *did* read it.
  • This I Would Give, Spock's a vulcan vampire. (Oy.) Trapped with Kirk too long, he indulges in his blood, forcing an orgasmic bond. Sarek is furious, not wanting the family secret out. Aboard Enterprise, Kirk throws out McCoy's supply of subsitute (McCoy has known all along) to force Spock to take him again. [3]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, subtitled "Interlude," artist TACS. One reviewer wrote: It's like a beautiful painting....ancient....Vulcan times...stunning... [4]
the single interior illo is by TACS

Kalifee 2 is subtitled, Interlude. It was published in 1993 and contains 184 pages.

Its fiction is all by C.A. Mallett and the cover and the single interior illo is by TACS. It was edited by Betsy Fisher with Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy acting as agents and distributors.

Summary from Media Monitor #34: "A genetically engineered Vulcan woman teaches Spock in the Vulcan desert about where his true emotions lie; Sarek, Amanda, and McCoy learn to accept Kirk and Spock's relationship; T'Pau orders Spock to return to Vulcan to be assigned a mate, and two other stories. The first 150 copies feature a full color Spock art print by TACS as the cover."

  • T'Sara by C.A. Mallett (While at Gol, Spock becomes the pupil of TʼSara, a half-Vulcan adept who sees the pain he is in.) (1)
  • The Second Time Around by C.A. Mallett (A year after Kirk fled from Spockʼs avowals of love, Sarek goes to McCoy asking for his help in getting the two men together before Spock dies.) (27)
  • The Crystals of Kyrra by C.A. Mallett (TʼPau summons Spock back to Vulcan in order to be bonded.) (79)
  • Insatiable (After Spockʼs aborted bonding, both he and Kirk become irritable and itʼs up to McCoy and Spockʼs assistant to get the two men together.) (103)
  • The Greatest Gift of All by C.A. Mallett (K/S/Mc) (123)


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