Innocence in Shadow

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Title: Innocence in Shadow
Publisher: Graceful Ravens Press
Author(s): Chryssalys
Cover Artist(s): TACS
Date(s): 2004 or earlier
Medium: print
Size: 63,000 words (102 pages)
Fandom: Harry Potter
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cover by TACS

Innocence in Shadow is a 63,000 word (102 pages) AU slash novel written by Chryssalys that takes place after Goblet of Fire. It has a color cover and interior art by TACS. It's Harry/Draco (with a small side of Draco/Snape), NC-17, and does have some dub-con and non-con scenes, but with a happy ending.


Summary from author: "The summer before seventh year, Draco must choose between his family honor and service to the Dark Lord, and his feelings for Harry Potter This novel was very briefly available in a limited run as an in-print fanzine from Graceful Ravens Press. It has never been net-published."


Excerpt from distributor: "He had been fated all his life for this night. There had been no way to avoid it...Tonight he would pledge himself to Voldemort. Tonight he would gain the Dark Mark. He refused to think any longer about what he would lose. None of it had truly been his, anyway."