Tarkalean Tea

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Title: Tarkalean Tea
Publisher: Paranoid Press, then AMC Press
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
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cover by TACS

Tarkalean Tea is a slash 195-page anthology, focusing on the Garak/Bashir pairing. B&W cover and interior art by TACS. Available in print and PDF from Requiem Publications as of 2018.

  • Another Roll Of The Dice by Yavanna (After "The Die is Cast," Bashir comes to Garak to tell him how much he missed the tailor when he was gone in a 'heart to heart' talk.") (1)
  • What Friends Might Do by DVS (One morning at breakfast with Odo, Garak sees Bashir and Kira enter the replicate together, laughing and looking like a 'couple.' So, due to a misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions, the Cardassian laments his unrequited love.") (9)
  • A Taste for Vengeance by Yavanna (In this sequel to 'Getting Away from It All," Gul Dukat comes to DS9 to once again try to ruin the relationship between Julian and Garak... and he almost succeeds this time.") (35)
  • One Fateful Meal by Janis C. (Ahhh, those tables at the replicate with wide and opaque tabletops. They can hide all sorts of ... movements from curious eyes.") (92)
  • The Borrower by Janis C. (A mysterious and dangerous entity comes to DS9 and takes over the mind and body of Garak and Bashir. While they are still in their conscious mind, they are helpless to protect each other, and the only way to save the other is for one of them to kill themselves.") (94)
  • Last Wish by Mary E. (An old enemy of Garak’s kidnaps the tailor and brings him back to Cardassia for torturing. It's up to Julian and Odo to reduce him before Madred can carry out his plan to kill Garak... and anyone he cares about.") (127)
  • Wavering Alliance by Sophie Masse ("People on DS9 are falling ill to a deadly disease that was, maybe, brought there by the 'True Way.' And they are responsible for killing Garak and why is Gul Dukat willing to take the Tailor's body back to Cardassia for burial? How is Julian going to cope with the loss of his closest friend?") (157)

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