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Fanlore has several templates that you can add to the image page to comply with the Image Policy. (The "image page" is the page in the File namespace where the image displays, not the file itself).

Image Summary

You can use the Image Summary template to format the notes on an image page. The template can be added when you first upload the image — just copy and paste the template into the "summary" box on the upload form and fill it in — or at a later date by editing the image page.

Note: When you upload a new image, anything you put in the summary box on the upload page will be saved on the image page. However, if you upload a new version to an existing image, any text added to the summary field will appear only in the "comment" field of the File History section on the image page. The "comment" field has a character limit.


Template:ImageSummaryWebpage can be used when the image is a screencap of a website.

Warning Templates

Images that are sexually explicit, depict sexual assault, or depict underage characters engaging in sexual activity are required to have warnings added to the image page.

If the image is sexually explicit, use this one: Template:SexuallyExplicitImage
If the image depicts rape/non-con/sexual assault, use this one: Template:ImageDepictingNon-conOrSexualAssault
If the image depicts underage characters engaging in sexual activity, use this one: Template:UnderagePersonsInImage

When you link one of the above types of images to an article, the image size should be small enough to prevent viewers from seeing too much detail. Each warning includes automatically generated wiki markup that you can use to display the image at an appropriate size in an article. Follow these steps:

  1. Copy and paste the warning template onto the image page.
  2. Save the image page.
  3. Copy and paste the wiki markup into the article.

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