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This page explains how to display and format images on the wiki. For information on uploading images, see Help:Managing files.

Images and other files can be uploaded via the Special:Upload page. Uploaded images can be accessed on the Special:ListFiles page.

Note: In an earlier version of mediawiki, the "File" namespace was called "Image". Therefore, a lot of images that display on Fanlore articles will have wiki markup like [[Image:Name_of_file]] instead of [[File:Name_of_file]]. Either syntax should still display correctly.

Image Formatting Cheatsheet

Description You type You get
Embed image
(with alt text)

Refer to Help:Accessibility for more information on writing alt text.

You can also use the alt= parameter to add alt text to any image, e.g.:




Link to description page



Link directly to file



(centered, 100 pixels
wide, with caption)


(100 pixels)
Results in a very small gray border



Like thumbnail, respect user preferences for image width but without border and no right float.



How to display an image on a wiki article

The short answer: copy and paste [[File:NAME_OF_FILE|thumb]] into the article.

The full syntax for displaying an image in an article is:


Where options can be zero or more of the following, separated by pipes:

  • thumb, thumbnail, or frame: Controls how the image is formatted
  • left, right, center, none: Controls the alignment of the image on the page
  • {width}px: Resizes the image to the given width in pixels
  • {caption text}
  • Special cases:
    • page=1: displays the specified page when showing a djvu file.

The options can be given in any order. If a given option does not match any of the other possibilities, it is assumed to be the caption text. Caption text can contain wiki links or other formatting.

Linking to image files hosted elsewhere

You can link to an external image the same way you link to other webpages:

  • [http://url.for/some/image.png]

Or with different text:

  • [http://url.for/some/image.png link text here]

Note: Images that are not hosted on Fanlore will not display on Fanlore pages.

How to create an image gallery

It's easy to make a gallery of thumbnails with the <gallery> tag. The syntax is:

File:filename|caption|alt="alt text"
File:filename|caption|alt="alt text"

Refer to Help:Accessibility for more information on writing alt text for images.

Captions are optional, and may contain wiki links or other formatting.

For example:

File:Example.jpg|Item 1
File:Example.jpg|a link to [[Help:Contents]]
File:Example.jpg|''italic caption''

is formatted as:

Formatting images in articles

If you want an image to appear directly below the infobox, place the image thumb immediately after the template in the edit window and use this code:

<div style="float: right; clear: right">[[Image:Your image here.jpg|thumb]]</div>

Substitute Your image here.jpg with the actual file name. Here is an example.

The FixBunching template also lines up images vertically down the side of a page. However, it does not clear the infobox.

For more ideas on how to arrange images on the page, see Doro's image guide.

Related help pages

For any other questions, you can use the Talk page or contact the Fanlore Committee.