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This template is used to help image uploaders record an image summary specifically for webpage screencaps that they upload. See Template:ImageSummary for the generic template. See Help:Image templates and Fanlore:Image Policy for more information.


To use, copy and paste


into the image page.


  • websitetitle = title of the screencapped website
  • description = brief description of the contents of the image. type fortunecity if it's from a fortunecity website or type geocities if it's from a geocities website.
  • source = where and how the image was created: URL where the image was taken from if applicable; if the editor uploading the image scanned, screencapped or photographed something to create the image, identify what it was scanned, capped or photographed from.
  • screencapper = who screencapped the webpage (usually the person doing the uploading)
  • date = when the webpage captured in the screencap was last updated. If the last update information isn't available, use the date when the screencap was taken. If it's a screencap of a Wayback Machine capture and the last update information for that version of the webpage isn't available, use the date when the page was archived
  • copyright = type Fair for fair use images, use CC for images under Creative Commons Licensing (for the occasions where you own or created the image, or if you are using somebody else's CC licensed image -- note the specifics of the CC license as well), or Permission for images used under permission. These are case sensitive key words.
  • fandom = name of the fandom that the image is related to


  • The shortcuts for the copyright and description fields are case-sensitive.
  • If you are working on a large-scale website documentation project (e.g. if another 1990s web host goes offline), request another description shortcut on the talk page!

The Template

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