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This template is for articles about character relationships. The Pairings category is automatically included. As an alternative, you can copy and paste this example to get you started on a new pairing page.

Articles about non-platonic relationships between three or more characters can use the moresome template.

Articles about platonic relationships can use the RelationshipGen template.

To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code in the box below to the top of the new page:

|alternative name(s)=


  • pairing: pairing name using actual character names
  • alternative names: nicknames, smushed names, other variations
  • category: slash, het, yaoi, yuri, femslash, m/m, f/f, m/f, etc. - whatever terms are appropriate for the pairing
  • fandom: self-explanatory!
  • canonical: answers the question of whether the relationship is definitively established at some point on the show/book/movie/real life/etc. Example answers: "yes", "no", "it's complicated", "maybe", "canonically divorced", etc. Confine detailed explanations to the body of the article.
  • prevalence: fandom OTP, common, minor/small/secondary, rare, etc.
  • archives: pairing-specific archives, or primary pairing-specific lists/comms/boards
  • other: anything else relevant -- chan, incest, etc.

Below is how the blank template will appear on the page.

The Template

Alternative name(s):
Gender category:
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