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This is a sample pairing page structure. When you create a page, you can copy the text below and paste it into the blank edit window to begin editing the page. Some of the sections may not apply to your fandom, or you may wish to rename the section headers.

|alternative name(s)=

'''Pairing Name''' is a [[rarepair]]/[[pairing]]/[[juggernaut ship]] in [[NAME OF FANDOM]] [[fandom]].  Their [[canon]] relationship OR WHATEVER, INSET WORDS HERE.

(history of fannish interest in the pairing - fan activities, meta discussions, first appearance of pairing in fanworks, etc.)

==Six Degrees Influences==
(if live-action TV or film: influences from other roles played, like a Keller fic that refers to or is influenced by Firefly.)

==Common Tropes in Fanworks==
(link to tropes on wiki or explain if no catchy trope name)

==Example Fanworks==
* [[Name of Fic]] [http://URL_HERE] by [[Name of Author]].  SOME WORDS HERE LIKE, "A significant S1 fic"

*  [[Name of Art]] [http://URL_HERE] by [[Name of Artist]].  SOME WORDS HERE LIKE, "A significant S4 manip"

* [[Name of Vid]] [http://URL_HERE] Name of Vid] by [[Name of Vidder]].  SOME WORDS HERE LIKE, "A significant [constructed reality] vid"

===Other Fanworks===
(filk songs, felt dolls, graphic novels, cookies, etc.)
* [[Name of Fanwork]] [http://URL_HERE] by [[Name of Fanwork Creator]].  SOME WORDS HERE LIKE, "Athosian-style folk song"

==Archives and Communities==
* [ X/Y comm name]
* [http://COMM X/Y comm name]
* [>HERE/ X/Y fanfiction community on]

==Other Fannish Resources==
(Rec Lists, Big Bangs, Thing-a-thons, Holiday Exchanges, wiki links, etc.)
* [ OF TAG/works X/Y tag] at [[Archive of Our Own]]


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