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This template generates the Featured Article section of the Fanlore main page. To read more about the Featured Article process in general, check out Fanlore:Featured Articles. Fanlore staff and gardeners are responsible for maintaining featured article pages and templates.

How the template works

This template has several subpages, one per week: Fanlore:Featured Article Archives/2017: Week 27, Fanlore:Featured Article Archives/2017: Week 28, Fanlore:Featured Article Archives/2017: Week 29 and so on. Each subpage contains the initial paragraph (or two) of an article selected for featuring; that's the content that will appear on the main page.

This template checks what week of the year we're in (1-53) and picks the subpage corresponding to that week to display on the main page.

How to add content for upcoming featured pages

The table below lists all available weekly pages for this year:

Week pages for this year
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
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Week 49 Week 50 Week 51 Week 52
Week 53

Find the link to the page you want to fill in. Copy the first paragraph or two from the article text, along with any links, to this page, following the format below. Make sure not to include any infoboxes, notices, or images—just the text for the first paragraph or two and the category. Make sure to include a bolded link to the page itself.

'''[[Page title]]''' is something something. Rest of the paragraph follows.

<noinclude>[[Category:Featured Article Archives]]</noinclude>

Save the page. And that's it! The section should display correctly on the main page once the week in question starts.

What to do when a new year is about to start

Edit this page and replace all mentions of the current year in the template text with mentions of the upcoming year. Make sure to change both the links in the template below and in the table above.

If the new year won't start for a few weeks, be careful—make sure to leave the last few weeks of the current year unchanged in the template, so that it can display the last few featured articles of the year correctly. (You can always come back and change the year in those links after the start of the new year.)

The template

This week's featured article

Horizon Fan Club's 1999 Discussion Regarding Adult Fanworks

In 1999, ten years after The Blake's 7 Wars, some fans continued their war on, among other things, the prevalence of adult fanworks in the Blake's 7 fandom.

Horizon Fan Club was one of the largest Blake's 7 fan clubs and was an important hub of the fandom. Diane Gies, the club's president, sent a message to the staff of the club proposing that the advertisers in their fan publications, Horizon Newsletter and Horizon Letterzine, had to sign a statement vowing that they did not produce, or agent for others, any B7 fan fiction containing 'adult' artwork. The editors themselves would decide what was explicit:
We would obviously have to advise them what we considered 'explicit', eg. no nudity, and no portraits that would look out of place in a PG rated zine and cause anyone to think "ey-up... bet they're going to be having a **** any minute now".

The fan club and newsletter would also refuse to advertise any convention with actor guests unless they too they confirmed in writing that there would be a ban on dealers selling adult B7 fiction with explicit art content. Fanzines with no art could not be openly displayed on the sales table and had to be hidden away. Nothing on the table could be marked "adult" because this would "create a knowledge that such things exist in the person passing by."

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