Hans Christian Andersen's Fairytales

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Name: Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales
Abbreviation(s): HCA
Creator: Hans Christian Andersen
Date(s): 1820s-1872
Medium: print
Country of Origin: United States
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Hans Christian Andersen was a prolific Danish author who was born in 1805. He passed away in 1875 after several years of illness in a house called Rolighed (which means calmness), which was the home of his friends the Melchiors who had taken care of him during the final period of his life.[1] He is best remembered for his fairy tales that present lessons of virtue and resilience in the face of adversity.[2] His tales have been translated into almost 150 languages.[1] His stories, including The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina, have inspired live-action and animated films, ballets, books, and plays.


Some of his most well-known works include:


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  • Daughter of the Waves by silverr - The mermaid gave up her kingdom and her voice to live on land, only to lose her life when her Prince married another - but death was far from the end of her story. 3145 words (The Little Mermaid)


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