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Name/s: quaelegit or quae
Fandom/s: ATLA, Unsounded, The Murderbot Diaries, an increasing list of anime, see below
You can find me at: AO3
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I like editing and organizing so I thought I could help out here.

Recently my main involvement in fandom has been reading, archiving, and recommending fanfic. (If we have any of the same fandoms hit me up for fic recs, I love swapping recommendations!) I've been reading a lot of MDZS fic recently, but there's a pretty long list of other fandoms that I read in.

Fanlore-wise, my main goals are to expand the wiki's coverage of webcomic and video game fan activity. I've admittedly been making very little progress on that recently because I'm lazy tracking down sources and synthesizing my scattered understanding of fandom things into wiki articles is hard, but if there's a specific project that you'd like another pair of hands on in this space please feel free to reach out to me!

(My secondary goal is to make sure that creators and fans that I like get pages on here, but I try to balance "I think this person is cool" against "this person is notable within the fandom in general", hehe)

As of June 20th (2022), I've made 1000 edits on Fanlore!

(As of July 2nd it's over 1400 b/c then I went and did a bunch of category cleanup haha.)

As of July 20th, I've created just shy of 100 pages on Fanlore, not including redirects.

As of September 18th, I've made over 2500 edits.

As of December 20th, 4000 Edits and One featured article!

As of April 19th (2023), I've created over 500 pages (excluding redirects).

As of April 20th, I've made 5000 edits.

abusing the {{Quotation}} template to make a fun notes/achievements section for myself


See User:Quaelegit/Events Archive for records of past events

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My Subpages

Mostly used for keeping track of things that I'm not sure belong in the Main namespace (like Tumblr Holidays), or works in progress.

Note to self

Some pages that might make useful references for figuring out formatting and page organization on pages I want to create or add content to:

Artists that have given explicit permission for their art to be used elsewhere with credit:

  • lilit on Tumbr: atla, star wars, MDZS/the untamed, more fandoms
  • Devin Elle Kurtz -- atla, pokemon
  • buttercupart credit post-- cucumber quest, probably other
  • ammeja -= BNHA, YoI, Steven Universe, probably other
  • suntails -- idk, i saw this permission post while looking for something else -- HQ, MHA, Be More Chill, Gravity Falls, probably more
  • polynya -- gave me permission to upload art to fanlore in discord
  • andythelemon -- MANY anime fandoms, including OHSHC
  • shiriartz -- Edwin mostly. also some naruto stuff?
  • tomochingus -- Royai mostly. although they deleted their archive. but still, explicit permission!
  • ravenchaser1024 has participated in a bunch of zines.
  • tenmastrousers -- "**REPOSTS must have credit! twitter @/to_yoArt or ig @/** hxh, noragami, hnk & cnovel hell. "


  • "Of the books that make up the comic proper, the best is probably Blood Runs In The Family (the one with Elan’s dad). The ending of that book does what the ending of Homestuck was trying to do, but two years earlier and in a far more satisfying manner." explanation

Fanlore Note To Self

  • advice here on renaming/moving pages
    • "oh that was for character pages specifically. Help:Disambiguation Naming Conventions unless there's a reason to do otherwise (like......... you'd name a page Harry Potter (Harry Potter) which is silly) it's preferred to just use the series name to disambiguate. so in this case i'd go with "BNHA fanfic series" bc the general convention for stories is "[fandom] story" or "[fandom] fic" -- reili on discord
  • for citing bookmarks on AO3: "you can use that URL for the access; in order to get the ID#, I think the easiest way rn is to go to that user's bookmarks, find the individual bookmark, and then Inspect Element to get the ID from the corresponding <li> element:" --lyrisey
  • Category sorting: you can do | and it will sort that element to the top of the subcategories in the parent category and put it in a blank bin, instead of |*

To Do List

Categories in need of fixing

As of 28 June 2022, at least

Fandom Masterlist

In which I attempt to catalogue my fandom activity/knowledge (this list might get out of date pretty quickly, haha). Ordered in a way that made sense in my head that I cannot explain. Formatted as: Name -- date -- notes

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender -- 2019 -- my gateway to fandom, particularly fanfic. (For real, I didn't realize fanfic could be for things other than romance until I read The Dragon-King's Temple, and then I was hooked.) I don't touch Legend of Korra stuff much but I might be able to help out there too.
  • Unsounded -- 2019 -- miniscule fandom but probably the one I'm most involved in. TBH most of the fic isn't on ao3 so let me know if you want help finding more of it.
  • FMA -- 2020 -- the pandemic happened and I got back into anime and now I still spend way to much time thinking about FMA
  • BNHA -- 2020 -- I've never actually seen a single episode of the anime and I only made it halfway through the first manga chapter, but I kinda love how big and expansive the fanfic community for this one is
  • Enchanted Forest Chronicles -- 199x -- very small fandom here but I've read most of it. One of the guiding lights of my childhood (although I didn't read fic until 2019)
  • Harry Potter -- ??? -- Had a lot of love for these books as a kid and I read fic sometimes, probably not the expert around here compared to most of you.
  • Sherlock Holmes ('and Related Fandoms' as ao3 would say) -- ??? -- Ditto
  • Naruto -- haven't touched canon at all, i just read time-travel fics lol
  • Star Wars -- I actually have seen most of the movies for this one but again I'm just here for the time-travel fic
  • Hollow Knight -- 2021 -- very much a fandom-in-law but I've read some fics and have helped organize some small fanwork exchanges.
  • The Murderbot Diaries -- 2021 -- a pretty recent but very intense new fandom love for me. I don't contribute much but I lurk in a lot of the fandom spaces for this, and I read a decent amount of fic
  • Natsume's Book of Friends --2021 -- my other new love. Not as active in talking to other fans but I've read almost a fifth of all Nastuyu fics posted to AO3 so if you want to know about this fandom (at least the fic-writing side of it) I'm the person to talk to :P
  • PMMM -- 2020 -- not as big on fic-reading (I'm very picky and nothing measures up to ANAI) but GOSH I love this series and all the fandom discussion and analysis thereof
  • Parahumans -- 2013?? --I read Worm just as it was wrapping up, and then I kinda ignored the fandom for the last decade but maybe I should get back into it and document some of the big trends and events for fanlore? Idk some pretty interesting stuff happened, I think.
  • Bleach -- 2022 -- I'm not a Bleach fan, I'm a polynya fan
  • Teen Wolf -- 2020 -- I'm not a TW fan, I'm a metisket fan, but I keep trying other fics to see if anyone else has captured that chaotic energy and sense of humor
  • Yuri!!! On Ice -- ditto, and also I kinda know who to talk to for recs
  • Mob Psycho 100 -- Love the show, don't read fic much, but I've got rec lists
  • Howl's Moving Castle -- 2020 -- another childhood favorite, I got involved in the 2020 fandom resurgence (much smaller scale than ATLA's but it was a thing!)
  • The Goblin Emperor -- 2017???-- LOVE this book, got a fic rec-list that I haven't actually gotten around to reading through yet but happy to pass on
  • Temeraire -- 2010ish-- LOVE the book, have read a decent amount of fic
  • Invisible Cities -- 2010ish -- is this even a fandom?! In any case I've got fic recs. yes, really!
  • tbh probably more tiny random ones...
  • NEW!!! Final Fantasy VII --2022-- I adore The Fifth Act, please send me all your time travel recs
  • NEWER!!!! Gravity Falls -- 2023 -- "I'm hoping all this aligns exactly with my fan-fic, Stan. If not, I will be very disappointed."
  • MDZS/The Untamed/Etc -- 2023 -- okay i've probably read enough fic at this point to be worth listing it here (ask me about my faves!) but I don't know canon or interact directly with the fandom much. I just take fic recs lol