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Name: Unsounded
Creator: Ashley Cope
Date(s): 2010 - present
Medium: webcomic
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Unsounded
Duane and Sette art by Grace P.
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Unsounded is a dark fantasy webcomic by Ashley Cope that updates three times a week. As of October 2021, it has published over 1500 pages in 16 chapters. The first nine chapters have been released in three print books.


The comic follows aspiring thief queen Sette Frummagem and her zombie bodyguard Duane Adelier in their adventures across the continent of Kasslyne. Though they originally set out to recoup payment from Sette's wayward cousin on behalf of her crime boss father, the odd duo soon find themselves embroiled in dark plots that threaten the stability of continent, from politics to the very nature of reality.

Major Characters

Unsounded has a large cast spread across a wide array of settings and interweaving plots, but some of the characters with the biggest storylines in Book 1 are:

  • Sette Frummagem
  • Duane Adelier
  • Matty and Matthis Quiggley
  • Jivi Flask
  • Captain Emil Toma and Lieutenant Elka
  • Cutter (aka Delicieu aka Prakhuta)
  • Bastion Winalils

Fandom Overview

As well as the on-site comment section, the comic has a following on tumblr and regular discussion threads on 4chan. There is a DeviantArt collection and offficially unofficial Discord. During chapter breaks, the author hosts fanart and fic contests, for which the prize is a cameo of their pet in the comic. [1] There is also a fan translation into Russian. [2]


The relationship that gets by far the most attention in individual fanworks is the gen relationship between Duane and Sette (although fanworks shipping them romantically have also been made). The canon married couples of Duane/Leysa Adelier, Matthis/Vienne Quiggley, and Rahm/Iori Ripa are also popular among fans, as is the canon and doomed romance of Mallory/Robert Foi Hellick. More controversial among fans has been the ship Lemuel/Leysa Adelier, after it was hinted in the comic that Leysa married Duane's brother Lemuel after Duane's assassination (and this was confirmed canon by word of author). While author Ashley Cope maintains that shipping will continue not to be a major component of the canon story, she encourages fanon shipping of all kinds, and has contributed doodles and headcanons to fanon that readers propose.

Some popular fanon ships of varying levels of seriousness:

  • Duane/Quiggley
  • Duane/Claggart
  • Claggart/Mallory
  • Elka/Quiggley
  • Sette/Jivi
  • Bastion Winalils/Anything that moves
  • Innate Parrot/Friendly Coffee

Example Fanworks


  • Embers, Archived version, by CourierNew, a during canon sidestory of the main characters traveling down the Jarla river between Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 of the comic.
  • Not-Normal Girls, Archived version, by Amaranthaceae, an AU in which Mikaila lives, takes shelter at Litriya Shrine, and befriends or falls in love with Siya.


Fan Videos



  • Ashley Cope:
Official website
Q&A on Tumblr for lore discussion and chatting
Formspring Q&A archive
Unsounded on Twitter


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  2. ^ Unsounded (перевод). Translated by Dusker and Mornera. Hosted on acomics.ru. Continuation from chapter 14 by DuranF can be found here.