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Name: LullabyKnell
Alias(es): LK
Type: fan writer, fanartist, meta
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Naruto, MCU, Star Wars, Dragon Age and others
Other: at Tumblr (face of death fic blog)
URL: at Archive of Our Own
at Tumblr (main blog)
at Tumblr (side blog)
at Tumblr (live blog)
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LullabyKnell is a Canadian multifandom fanwriter since 2015. They identify as queer.


The excerpts below are taken from their FAQ page on their main Tumblr and their profile on AO3.

Hello, I’m LK. I’m a college student studying Animation and I write fanfiction for fun in my spare time. I write ficlets, meta, and crack here on tumblr, and I write proper fic on AO3 [...]

I'm LullabyKnell. You can call me LK if you like.

On unfinished works, I reply to comments with the next update, which may take awhile. If you'd like a prompt reply, absolutely cannot wait for an answer, just let me know or try my tumblr askbox. My free time for this hobby and my interest has its ebbs and flows, so sometimes I'll update nearly every other day, every week, or not for months.

I'm generally cool with podfics, inspired fics, and translations, but I like to know that they're happening. I do not consent to any of my works being posted outside of AO3. Though I know some people see it as a compliment, I don't want my fics posted about on Goodreads and I don't want any of them to get their own TVTropes page, because I don't like my hobby being compared even slightly to published original works like that.

While Harry Potter used to be their main fandom, they recently updated their page with the comment:

Update from February 2023: I am currently taking a break from fandom and not updating any of my fics. Due to JKR's harmful actions, I currently do not wish to be reminded of the series and have put the majority of my Harry Potter fics into a hidden collection until further notice.

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