Racetrack Higgins

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Name: "Racetrack" Higgins
Occupation: newsboy
Fandom: Newsies
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Racetrack Higgins, also called Racer or Race, is a Manhattan newsboy in Newsies.


In an early draft of the film, Race was noted as being eighteen. According to his trading card, he is an orphan. He is a known gambler, named for his time at the Sheephead Races, and a flirt (with both women and men).[1]


Racetrack's character was inspired by a prominent participator in the 1899 newsboys' strike, Ed "Race Track" Higgins, though his name was not discovered by the fandom until recently.[2] He was a leader of the Brooklyn newsboys' union[3] and took a major role after Kid Blink was disgraced. He is well-documented as a lover of horses.[4]


Race has been a fan favorite for a long time, outranked only by Spot Conlon.[5]

In 2017, a popular newsboys history Tumblr blog, newsboys-of-1899, made a post commenting on the possibility that Racetrack Higgins and Spot Conlon were the same person, which started a popular rumor that this was fact, despite its unlikelihood.[6]


Like many Newsies characters, Racetrack does not have a canon first name. Despite this, he is almost universally called Anthony, Antonio, Antony, or Tony in fanfiction.[7] This trend traces back to the early presence of the online Newsies fandom.

The first known work to use Anthony was first archived in January 1999, "Race's Secret," hosted at The Printing Press.[8] In September 1999, "The Birth of the Gambler" was published to Fanfiction.net, making it the oldest to use the name on the site. The name continued to be used on both FFN and personal sites, as well as some popular fandom archives.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17] "Barely Even Friends," a work from circa 1999 in a series focusing on Race, features an Italian restaurant named Antonio's.[18] Most of the early uses of Tony may have been in 2001,[19][20] but it appeared occasionally in 1999.[21][16][22][23] In 2003, the highly-praised work "Everything You've Done Wrong" called Race "Tony"[24] and is cited by some fans as the origin of both Anthony/Antonio/Antony and the name Sean for Spot Conlon.[25] A LiveJournal user made a list of "real names" for newsies and listed Racetrack's as Anthony Higgins in 2004[26] and popular fic writer queenitsy also used the name.[27][28][29] The earliest known usage of Antonio was in 2005[30] and Antony was introduced in 2006.[31] The extremely popular "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," posted starting in 2006, used the name Anthony for Race, as listed on the character page[32] and introduced in the seventh chapter,[33] as well as the nickname Tony beginning in chapter nineteen.[34]


Racetrack is commonly written as Italian, primarily due to his film actor, Max Casella, being Italian on his mother's side[35] and stage actor Ben Cook is also thought to be Italian.[36] While less known, the early film draft known as Hard Promises describes Racetrack as a "tall, skinny, gambling Italian beanpole."[37] "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" introduces Race as an "Italian kid."[38] Race's surname, Higgins, is a point of contention in regards to his Italian background.


Race is often interpreted as having ADHD. His Newsiepedia bio highlights impulsive gambling, stimming with a cigar, and instances of quick distraction.


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