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Welcome to Fanlore Project: Homestuck!

This project was created in order to add more info to Fanlore about Homestuck as it relates to fandom. It was also created to be a place to brainstorm, add links, and hopefully be a place of enthusiasms and shared knowledge. Please feel welcome to add to and edit this page. It is helpful to include a short description of your edits in the summary field below before you save the page. This allows easier navigation for others later.


Sample Pages and Sample Topics

Requests for Links or Pages

Do you know of something Homestuck and fannish that you think needs a page?

Do you know about a website that has a lot of Homestuck meta essays?

Do you think a topic or site or a glossary term should be a page or a section on Fanlore but isn't?

Add links below to these subjects as a road map for you, or for others. When/if an editor makes a page for it, the link can be removed from here.


Some Guidelines

Create stubs with reckless abandon. You may create new categories when you have or expect to have at least ten pages that fit within it (and the category fits within the existing site structure). Category titles should be plural, even if the word/phrase used to add it is singular. (See Help:Categories.)

If you can, please check the Fandoms by Canon Type before creating new categories. The Fan Activities category may also contain pages.

If you are able, make redirects as needed so that people looking for familiar terms can find them.

Images for Homestuck may include fanart, message board posting histories, splash pages of websites, and screencaps from vids, and more. If you choose to use images, Upload them directly to Fanlore rather than hosting the image on an external site. It's okay to do this even if the image doesn't have a page, although it'd be better to at least create the stub with a link to the picture.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Information for new editors is here. Among other things, it explains how to make an account, how to start a new page, and includes a lot of other helpful information.
  • Discussion on this page's talk page is encouraged, as is discussion on individual topic talk pages.
  • All edits, whether big tiny, or in-between, are welcome.
  • You don't have to be an "expert" on a subject. Adding what you know and feel passionate about are pieces of the puzzle, and ones that hopefully inspire others to expand on the topic.
  • All typos, mistakes, and errors are easily corrected. Don't let perfection hobble you.
  • Remember that Fanlore, like all wikis, is a collaborative effort, and may be edited by anyone.
  • Pages are not "owned" or controlled by any single person or group of people.
  • Pages and the information on them are only as robust, encompassing, and accurate as the information added by interested and enthusiastic fans like you.
  • Fanlore practices and encourages a Fanlore:Plural Point of View.
  • Crosswiking is encouraged! If there's information that has a wiki for it already, such as the official MSPA/Homestuck info (The MSPA Wiki) or Official Homestuck Music (The Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki) and is in need of editing, don't be afraid to add to those sources if you are able! (Remember to always follow the community guidelines for those wikis, as they may differ from the ones on Fanlore.)


Active members
Inactive members

Contact User:Laurasauras for access to the Discord Server for this project.

History of the Project

  • This project was started on August 26, 2019