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Name/s: GrayscaleRain
Fandom/s: Homestuck
You can find me at: Fox Saliant Studios

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I'm GrayscaleRain and I'm a professional freelance artist and comicker currently living in Georgia. I also go by the psudonym, Saliant! But you all can call me Spooky. As you can tell by my many names, I've been in a lot of fandoms over the years, from Sonic and Star Fox to Touhou and My Little Pony, and right now I'm currently working on Fanlore to expand the information availble on the activities and creations of the Homestuck fandom, which is my current passion! <3

Fandom History

Will add more later, but right now...

With Homestuck, I started reading sometime in the winter of 2018, finishing up in February of 2019. I'd always been interested in the comic but never had the time or interest in it to make the attempt. After the release of Deltarune by Toby Fox and absorbing what content I could from there, as well as my tumblr being made private due to the change in policies, I was kind of bored and kind of in need of more content. I started to explore Toby's music, and eventually decided to explore Homestuck a bit.

After what was a whirlwind of a read, I got stuck in a very prolonged move that lasted three months, during which the Homestuck Epilogues dropped. Coming back after that, once I'd settled into my new place, I fell into the fandom proper, eager for new fan content and interaction. I'm currently a part of FanloreProject:Homestuck and active on OptimisticDuelist's discord server where I post my HS works and blab on about how much I like Nepeta.

(Olivebloods represent! ♌)