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Name/s: vinceren
Fandom/s: The Terror, Disco Elysium, Homestuck (incomplete list)
You can find me at: Genius, KOLwiki,
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

every so often i procrastinate schoolwork so hard i edit wikis

also i use this username a lot so if you see someone on some other website with a username that's close to "vinceren" it's... probably me. use this information wisely


EDIT 9/13/22: I am currently a full-time college student, and there's a couple other fannish things on the docket ahead of the Sisyphean "Beef up Fanlore:Homestuck" as well, sorry. So I am (mostly) dormant for the moment but not dead, if anyone was wondering!

Vague Homestuck To Do List

  • Reorganize (generally unfuck) mainpage
    • Themes in Fanworks, Comics & Fanventures, Fanfiction, Cosplay
  • Upd8 culture (this one's PITS because it would basically mean a semi-fuckton of original research) (eg whatever that fucking web goggles extension was, drawing the HS fandom as a feral anime boy making out with the Hetalia fandom, the rift from general webcomic fandom because a "long pause" was like a couple of months whereas as I know well, like many wc fans, my favorite webcomic hasn't updated for five years and may never again)
  • Just fucking. Pages for all the characters. Slight roadblock here: HS fandom had its stans for literally every character, no matter how minor, but I personally don't know shit about, like, what Porrim fandom was like. Generally there was just So Much HS fandom, high incidence of you had to be there (mostly I wasn't) and NGL I'm just a (semi)reformed Dirkcoded Dirkboy, as the kids are saying nowadays. So.
    • Same deal with the 413000 ship pages.
  • There ought to be some coverage of the VIZ Media/physical books w/commentary/RIP Flash rigmarole? Somewhere? Maybe?
  • We've got basically nothing on Epilogues/HS2? Damnnn
  • Expand: Quadrants
  • Page: Let me tell you about Homestuck
  • Memes to add off the top of my head: Pantskat (rel8d: HS&TPTB, Karkat), March Eridan (HS&LGBT, Eridan), Homestuck is my favorite anime (fanworks, outside rep), A young X stands in his Y (fanventures), Obama, nyeh (Eridan, Octopimp), The Baby Is You (Toby Fox, forums, etc), SBAHJ (lord where to start even)
  • Page: the illustrious subgenre of Brain-Breaking Meta Shit (Starring Dirk) as like a posy of'em (Coolty, House of Dirk, BLACK MARROW, etc)
  • Page: Homestuck and the Hetalia fandom (HS being hated at anime cons, Hetalia's rep, fandomstuck and hateshipping... etc?)

Personally IDK how to do this but someone oughta

  • Kate Mitchell/that facet of the Epilogueswank/Vriscourse/trans women rep in Homestuck
  • The whole Discord/Makin thing
  • The whole Gio/Kickstarter/WP thing (I'm marginally more qualified to attempt this one, I think, but as I said on the talk page, like... marginally.)
  • Pesterquest (I still haven't finished it) (same with Hiveswap)
  • Hussie (General)

Current Main Project (Wank Thrashing)

  • 1. Vriscourse!
    • Expand antihero bit
    • Figure the fuck out TPTB bit
    • Look for wider range of Vriska(course) meta
    • Finally, clean up and link back mainpage mention
  • (Next up: 2. "Homestuck Fandom and Disability" Funnily enough (okay it's not actually funny) I think this'll take the least time and that's why it's first, because next is:
  • 3. "Homestuck Fandom and Race" (through tears) peachy. Covering: Tricksters and racial ambiguity, Peixes, Weeaboo Shit, the hemospectrum, rappers (white?), and probably more I'll think of later. Oh, right, and I guess surveyed racial demographics in fandom?
  • 4. "Gender and Sexuality in Homestuck Fandom" Saving the worst for last. Jesus Christ in heaven. Covering: trans Daves, Vriskas, Roxies, and Egberts; gay Dirks and Kanayas; Quadrant Bull Shit and trolls not having a word for gay; Did The Retcon Make Him Gay; "i am not a homosexual!"; Bro (deep sigh, several shots of rotgut downed) Strider; "homestuck is a rube goldberg machine that transes your gender" meme, probably more I'll think of later.
  • 5. Shipcourse: I've got less of a clear idea for this one. Covering: underage shipping discourse, incest, what the fuck is up with trolls, fetishizing, abusiveness. Again, these are specifically as these topics pertain to HS—like, obviously a lot of fandoms have Discourse about incest ships. But our unique export is ectobiological incest!
  • 6. Outside Reputation.
  • 7. HS & TPTB.)


I started to feel really bad about making the HS talk pages look like my diary, haha, so from now on the Even More (Irrelevant) Details of my vague swings at the brambles of HS Fanlore will live here. We'll see how (gestures at the all of it) this goes! Preserving this on the off chance that I'll want to go back to one of my tangents later.

05/09/22. Went back to the Fandom section intro and found a few citations, while removing some of the language entirely—like, citation needed for "there are lots of HS fans who don't participate in fan forums," and it's super unnecessary to call fan forum theorizing "bizarre and obsessive." Also, tangent, is there any academic scholarship or meta on the linguistics of Homestuck (+its fandom)? Because fascinating!! Baroque! Also also, god it's frustrating when you look for citations for a claim and all you find is news articles uncritically quoting the Fanlore page. Fandom history is a thankless field, haha. Contemplating innate futility of historians. Undeterred in mad quest of Vriscourse scholarship. Affectionate towards MSPAW. Considered asking nonnies for help. Today's edit summary:

  • Picked at Vriscourse
  • Created PGenPod page
  • Cleaned up HS Fandom intro section, made mainpage memes section (moved LMTYAHS and JTCE)
  • Took a few pages off FLP to-do list because the links are blue now (hope that was alright)
  • Documented all of this

08/01/22. OH MY GOD I'm not dead, I just uhhhh when school's not going on I stop being productive. Sorry. And I need a break from Vriscourse. I think that's understandable. Today was citation of fandoms section in general day, I suppose. Note on "The life and death of a fandom": this is an article about the life cycle of fandoms in general. However, it does include a section dedicated to the Homestuck fandom, which I have linked directly to. There are also, throughout, various uncited assertions (and usually vague) which nevertheless support writing on this page about popular fannish perceptions of the Homestuck fandom, ex. "Danganronpa and the OFF fanbases had an influx of former Homestucks during 2013–2014 due to the hiatus." So. Uh. I guess I'll deal with this later, but for now, it's just another POV. Also, I know "twitter thread" is a horrible unreadable format for (basically) an oral account but I am too tired to deal with it right now. Leaving the link for later, I guess. Put an article on Hetaliastuck on the PITS list because I know, it's so cursed, but it's history. Also, fuck yes, I can upload images now! Probably I'll just use it to jazz up character pages, first off.

Anyway today's edit summary:

  • Added a few more links to other ppl's fandom histories in "Further reading" and cleaned up that section's formatting a bit. Moved one link
  • Picked at linkups in "Canon overview"
  • Stuck my head in fandomsecrets. Wow so many broken images

11/17/22. Still not dead, still, unfortunately, have a lot of things in my life more urgent and less fun than FLP:HS. More's the pity. Due to the sort of overwhelming AUUUUGH of the Vrisyphean task, I've just kind of been bouncing around making small edits. I just did a little beefing up of TSG.