The Terror

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Name: The Terror
Creator: David Kajganich
Date(s): March 25, 2018 - May 21, 2018
Medium: Television miniseries
Country of Origin: United States
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The Terror is a TV show that ran on AMC for a 10 episode limited series in 2018. The show is based off the 2007 novel of the same name by Dan Simmons, which is in turn a fictionalized account of Franklin's lost expedition.


The Terror follows the crews of the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus on their lost expedition in the Arctic in search of the Northwest Passage in 1845–1848. In addition to facing starvation, lead exposure, scurvy, the threat of mutiny, and other realistic dangers of the Arctic, the crew also faces a supernatural beast, known as Tuunbaq, hunting them.


HMS Erebus

  • Sir John Franklin, played by Ciarán Hinds - Captain
  • James Fitzjames, played by Tobias Menzies - Commander
  • Henry Collins, played by Trystan Gravelle - Lieutenant
  • Dr. Stephen S. Stanley, played by Alistair Petrie - Surgeon
  • Harry Goodsir, played by Paul Ready - Assistant Surgeon
  • John Bridgens, played by John Lynch - Subordinate Officers' Steward
  • John Morfin, played by Anthony Flanagan - Able Seaman

HMS Terror

  • Captain Francis Crozier, played by Jared Harris - Captain
  • Edward Little, played by Matthew McNulty - Lieutenant
  • George Hodgson, played by Christos Lawton- Lieutenant
  • John Irving, played by Ronan Raftery - Lieutenant
  • Thomas Blanky, played by Ian Hart - Ice Master
  • Dr. Alexander McDonald, played by Charles Edwards - Assistant Surgeon
  • Henry Peglar, played by Kevin Guthrie - Captain of the Foretop
  • Cornelius Hickey, played by Adam Nagaitis - Caulker's Mate
  • Thomas Jopson, played by Liam Garrigan - Captain's Steward
  • William Gibson, played by Edward Ashley - Subordinate Officers' Steward
  • Sergeant Solomon Tozer, played by David Walmsley - Sergeant


  • Lady Silence | Silna, played by Nive Nielsen
  • Sophia Cracroft, played by Sian Brooke
  • Lady Jane Franklin, played by Greta Scacchi

The show returned for a second season as an anthology series with The Terror: Infamy, which is based on the internment of Japanese-Americans in the United States during World War II.


The show has a small fandom that is moderately active considering the limited scope of the canon. The fandom is quite slash heavy, likely due to the small number of female characters as a result of the historical naval setting, and has a relatively high percentage of works with an Explicit or Mature rating on AO3. In 2018 the fandom was nominated for Yuletide and had 15 works written for it.[1] The most popular pairings in the fandom are Captain Francis Crozier/Commander James Fitzjames and Thomas Jopson/Lt Edward Little,[2] and works featuring Cornelius Hickey are also quite popular. There have been very few fanworks created for The Terror: Infamy.



Other Fanworks

  • The Terror Pin-Up Calendar has produced editions featuring the work of different artists, writers, and mods in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
  • The Terror Tarot was a crowdfunded full tarot deck featuring fanart.
  • Terror Stitching is a project in which fans create textile artworks based on lines from the show. Collaboratively, they have done two monologues from the show spoken by Hodgson and Blanky.

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