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Synonyms: virtual con, online con, sidecon
See also: Convention
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The term virtual convention may be used for different kinds of event participation:

  1. A form of meetup held entirely online that is intended to attract a large group of people both known and unknown to one another. In example, early meetings of Yuricon
  2. An organized gathering of people who are unable to go to a specific in-person meeting. These online gatherings generally have their own set of activities in addition to discussion formats, such as fanwork fests, games, or viewing parties. In example: SHareCon_Virtual_Con, VidUKon
  3. An official form of digital attendance where people in other locations can accompany an in-person convention's events in real time through live streaming. This is generally available for a reduced fee from that charged for people attending in person. [1] In example: Fanworks Con]


  1. Live streaming as participation: A case study of conflict in the digital/physical spaces of Supernatural conventions by Naomi Jacobs.