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Name/s: serkestic, matomon, matounni
Fandom/s: Free!, LOONA, The Locked Tomb, miscellaneous k-drama fandoms (currently Hotel Del Luna & Extraordinary You)
You can find me at: AO3, Tumblr, Twitter
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

My name is Zahra! (That's pronounced like so.)

I joined Fanlore as an editor and part of the Social Media & Outreach team in March 2020. I've been active in fandom since 2015, as a ficcer and event/challenge moderator. I'll always think of Free! and Homestuck as my homeground as those spaces defined my fannish experiences.

I'm a supporter of the OTW and volunteer for multiple committees.

My To-Do List

Pages 🗹

These are pages I have significantly contributed to, as well as pages I have created.

Pages ◻

These are pages that I plan to add content to or create.