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Name/s: Citrus, Citrine
Fandom/s: Homestuck
MCYT (Team Crafted)
You can find me at:
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Hello, I’m Citrus! While I’m certainly not the newest generation of fans, I have been in fandom for less than a decade. I very much love being able to collect and record as much information I can about the corner of fandom I’m in, though. Something about documenting and organizing things gives me a deep joy.

At present, my main focus on here is the Homestuck fandom. I currently enjoy adding internal links where I see that they’re missing, and adding little bits of info surrounding topics and controversies that I’m personally familiar with. I also have fun adding references wherever relevant.

The only other wiki I have ever participated in was a wiki for a very specific Pokémon fanfiction, so please let me know if there are any slip-ups I make. I try to reference help pages, guidelines, and tutorials whenever I can.


Subpages for Citrine:


I found fandom through the PJO fandom on FFN in 2014, though I spent very little time in that fandom. My first major fandom was 2014 MCYT fandom (think Team Crafted, not Dream SMP), where I primarily spoke to other fans through FFN, Wattpad, Skype, and Twitter. My friends in the MCYT fandom introduced me to Homestuck, which was my primary fandom from 2015 to 2018. While I never parted with Homestuck, I slowly drifted away from it and towards the BNHA fandom, where I stayed from 2018 to 2019, primarily focusing on Izuku AUs like Vigilante Izuku, Quirkless Izuku, and Alternate Quirk Izuku. From 2019 to 2021, I drifted between fandoms, such as MP100 and DC (primarily focusing on the Batfamily and Jason Todd). In 2022, I rejoined the Homestuck fandom with a newfound vigor, and this is where I channel the majority of my fan-related energy. I have also recently forayed into the JJBA fandom.

Areas of Knowledge


  • FFN
  • AO3
  • Discord
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter


  • Homestuck
  • JJBA
  • BNHA (pre-2020)
  • Jason Todd
  • MCYT - Team Crafted (2014)

Contributions in Fandom

I am not presently comfortable attaching my aliases to this account. However, I am someone who has written fanfic, made fan art, created fanvids, written meta, and run fandom discords, so I very much have dipped my fingers in a bunch of creative puddles! And I am, of course, someone who deeply, deeply enjoys participating in and indulging in the very same efforts made by other fans.