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Homestuck is a webcomic with a complex story that includes an alien culture, and has a fandom with extensive fanon and many theories and in-jokes.

Canon Terms

See Troll terminology on the MS Paint Adventures Wiki.

  • Alchemiter - a machine that converts cruxite dowels into other objects.
  • Alternia - the planet on which trolls originated and (most likely) the capital planet of the trolls' interstellar empire[1]
  • Ashen - see Quadrants
  • Aspect - The second part of a godtier. Examples include: Space, Blood, Time.
  • Auspistice - see Quadrants
  • Black Romance - see Quadrants
  • Class - The first part of a godtier. Examples include: Prince, Bard, and Lord
  • Classpect - The combination between Class and Aspect
  • Club - see Quadrants
  • Conciliatory - see Quadrants
  • Concupiscent- see Quadrants
  • Cruxite
  • Diamond - see Quadrants
  • Filial Pail - The type of buckets used to store and transport troll reproductive slurry. All buckets are seen as sexual items as a result of this function, and it is normal buckets are rarely used by trolls. see Troll Genitalia
  • FLARP - an Extreme Role Playing game played by trolls. The name is likely derived from LARP[2]
  • Flushed - see Quadrants
  • Grist
  • Grub - A highly common term used for various sorts of insect larvae (and non-larval insectoids with neotenous, larva-like shapes) and their derivatives. Examples include: Alternian insectoid livestock (see beefgrub, grubsauce, grubsteak and grubloaf), Baby trolls (AKA wigglers), Game grubs, Mother grubs
  • Heart - see Quadrants
  • Hemospectrum
  • Hiveswap
  • Kismesis - see Quadrants
  • Lusus - A Troll's bonded animal guardian, found during their trials in the caverns as infants and sharing a blood colour. Trolls and their Lusii in a symbiotic relationship, acting as dual-caretakers, guardians and pets. More info on the wiki page
  • Matesprit - see Quadrants
  • Moirail - see Quadrants
  • Mother Grub
  • Pale - related to Moirallegiance; see Quadrants
  • Pesterchum - Canon chat program; also a fan-made chat program
  • Quadrants - the Troll Romance System
  • Red Romance - see Quadrants
  • Sburb
  • Slurry - Genetic material produced by the mysteries of Troll copulation and deposited into filial pails, where drones transport it to the Mother Grub to be used to inseminate her. see Troll Genitalia
  • Spade - see Quadrants
  • Sprite
  • Strife Deck
  • Sylladex
  • Troll

Fandom Terms


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