Vriska Serket

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Name: Vriska Serket
Title/Rank: Thief of Light
Relationships: Terezi Pyrope (moirails) Kanaya Maryam (ex-moirails), patron troll of John Egbert
Fandom: Homestuck
Other: associated zodiac sign: Scorpio
chat handle: arachnidsGrip
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Vriska Serket is a troll from the webcomic Homestuck.

Canon Biography


Vriska FLARPed frequently as a young troll with Terezi Pyrope, in order to feed the bodies of her opponents to her lusus. During a game against Tavros Nitram and Aradia Megido, Vriska used her mind control powers to make Tavros jump off a cliff, rendering him paraplegic. This ended her friendship with Terezi and kicked off a a cycle of revenge that ended with Aradia dead, Vriska minus an arm and eye, and Terezi blind.


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A meme involving her is "Vriska (Vriska)", which comes from a fandomsecrets post about Eridan.


"Vriscourse" is discourse concerning Vriska. It happens a lot.

Vriska is a very polarizing character due to her complicated nature. Described in canon as a "huge bitch", she acts egotistical and rude and has killed, permanently injured, manipulated, and exploited her friends and romantic partners. But on the other hand, fans of her argue that she has intriguing and fleshed-out relationships, and that she is the victim of a society that twisted a young girl propelled by a desire for heroism into a villainous role she never wanted.

Someone once paid for Justin McElroy of The Adventure Zone to say "Vriska did nothing wrong" in his Taako voice. It has since become a fandom meme.


The most popular Vriska ships are Terezi/Vriska, John/Vriska, and Kanaya/Vriska.


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