Kanaya Maryam

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Name: Kanaya Maryam
Relationships: past relationship with Vriska Serket, patron troll of Rose Lalonde
Fandom: Homestuck
Other: associated zodiac sign: Virgo
chat handle: grimAuxiliatrix
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Kanaya Maryam is a troll from the webcomic Homestuck. She first appears pestering Rose.

Canon Biography

Kanaya is an unusual troll because she likes to spend time in the sun and is interested in fashion. She had unrequited red flushed feelings for her moirail Vriska Serket and was heartbroken when Vriska got together with Tavros Nitram. Most of the time Kanaya is level-headed and calm. Her weapon of choice is a lipstick which transforms into a chainsaw.
It was her responsibility to save her race using the matriorb that Eridan Ampora later destroyed. After she is killed by Eridan Kanaya re-awakens as a rainbow drinker (the troll version of vampires), attacks Gamzee Makara and kills Eridan.

Reception in fandom

Kanaya's sexuality is the source of much fandom discussion and wank. Many fans saw her as a lesbian very early on, while others protested that there was no canon confirmation. Some fans claimed that shipping Kanaya with a boy contributed to the erasure of homosexuals in media. Andrew Hussie wrote that troll sexuality is different from human sexuality and the term "lesbian" doesn't apply [citation needed], which didn't stop the discussions. (more details?)
Popular femslash ships are Kanaya/Rose and Kanaya/Vriska. A popular het ship is Kanaya/Karkat.


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