Red Dead Virgo

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Title: Red Dead Virgo (RDV)
Creator: adamantApoplectic
Date(s): October 2010 - October 2011
Medium: fancomic
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: Red Dead Virgo (Mirror), Red Dead Virgo (original documents)
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Red Dead Virgo is a Homestuck bloodswap AU by adamantApoplectic. It follows the (mis)adventures of Kanaya, who in this 'verse has mutant candy red blood and is an outcast because of that, and her friendship/relationship with Vriska, as the trolls start to play Sgrub. It was inspired by a short fanwork by the author wondering what Kanaya would be like if she had a different blood color (Double-Kanaya All Across The Sky) and was posted out of order as a WIP during the following year.

The story inspired a lot of fanart, a Trope page, RP, and made the bloodswap concept very popular.[1] It also inspired Violetesence (link), a story by lucidSeraph about the kids in the 'verse of RDV. This version of the kids was eventually incorporated into RDV canon.[2]

Recs and Reviews

  • "I can burble endlessly about my love of this series, but I’ll sum it up with: Interesting and distinct bloodswap designs that are different yet recognizable, utterly hilarious writing (the author’s work is pretty much all spectacular), cool sprites, a small but dedicated fanbase, and I’ve gotten to be friends with Violetescence’s author, who’s awesome. So yeah, go read it. :-D"[3]
  • "hey guys do you know what you should read
you don’t, so i’ll tell you
red dead virgo
it’s a bloodswap fanfic/fan adventure and it tore my heart to pieces
it’s so well written and beautiful and you NEED TO READ IT"[4]
  • "I love this series. The characters of the alternate bloodline are handled very well, mixing their base Homestuck personalities with their alternate natures and situations to make something beautiful and new. Lots of wit and personality, and pretty funny too.
And uh, no. I'm not completely gay for it because of copious amounts of Vriska/Kanaya. Why must you suggest such a thing."[5]



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