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Title: Heartstuck
Creator: lovecraftianParadox
Date(s): 4.12.2011 - June 22, 2012
Medium: fancomic
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: HeartStuck (Still PG, Sorry) - first forum thread

HeartStuck Thread 6: The Ghostdykk Is Both There And Not There - sixth (most recent) forum thread
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discussion thread
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HeartStuck 2 cover.png
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HeartStuck is a WIP Homestuck AU forum adventure by lovecraftianParadox. It was initially titled "HeartStuck (dating sim parody AU)" and rapidly rose in popularity by promising to feature lesbians. The threads are very active, in the beginning because of the fast update speed and later because of a high amount of off-topic conversations. The adventure is regularly updated and even includes several animations and a small game. It is mirrored by bloodyEmissary on MSPaint Fan Adventures.

As a classic fan adventure the plot is to a large extent dependent on the readers and their suggestions and votes. The main character is Kanaya Maryam, who encounters many other female students and staff members in her new school. Readers' curiosity led to various sideplots taking place in the boys' school, in the past, and in the future. It is also an example of a speciesswap AU: all characters are human, even Serenity (who is a firefly in canon.)

Several readers have created fanart, raps, and music for the story. The agreed-upon name for fans of the adventure is "lesbros", their beverage of choice is "lesbeer", and other word combinations starting with "les-" are also popular.