Aradia Megido

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Name: Aradia Megido
Title/Rank: Maid of Time
Status: alive
Relationships: Sollux Captor
Fandom: Homestuck
Other: Trollian Handle: apocalypseArisen
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Aradia Megido is a character in Homestuck, first introduced in Act 5 of the comic along with the rest of the Beta trolls.

Canon Biography

Aradia has an interest in archaeology and the dead. She has been able to hear the voices of the dead since she was young. She was responsible for finding the Frog Temple on Alternia and thus for the development of Sgrub.

Aradia was killed by Vriska Serket, and remained a ghost until her god-tiering.

Canon relationships

Aradia has some kind of relationship with Sollux, but its nature is unclear in canon. It could be pale or flushed, but whether it's romantic at all is unclear. This has resulted in a variety of fanon interpretations of the details of their relationship.

Fandom Reciption

October 23rd to 29th, 2016 was "Aradia Week" on Tumblr, with each day of the week having a different theme for fanworks to be created.