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Synonyms: Broadway Homestuck
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Broadwaystuck is both the name of a Homestuck fan album of fansongs and a coalition of fan musicians, some of whom were featured on the album. The general premise of Broadwaystuck is to give popular songs Homestuck lyrics. While the transformed lyrics generally still contain the same theme and subject matter, such as in l0ve me dead, they sometimes diverge, such as in Drinkin' It Down. In this specific fanmusic organizaiton, one participant took the name of one or more Homestuck characters to sing under, such as Broadway Karkat. There would not be multiple people singing under the same character name once it was "cast", which contributed to drama over exclusivity and creative direction that contributed to the group disbanding.


Cast & Contributors

"Official" Broadwaystuck cast list (or, "officially involved at some point") before it disbanded in April 2012 Note - multiple names listed are aliases of the same person AFAIK.

  • Broadway Karkat - broadwaykarkat, broadway karkat, superspecks, cantabileGato
  • Broadway Batterwitch (briefly) - same^^ (aka Minicondesce)
  • Broadway Vriska - Kylee Henke
  • Broadway Nepeta - SequinedCatnip
  • Broadway Roxy Lalonde - Inky, inkystuck
  • Broadway Di-stri (Dirk Strider) - Heartfelt, Rabbit
  • Broadway Rufio - broadwayrufio, ArlenAdelai
  • Broadway Tavros - adolfhipster
  • Broadway Sollux - broadwaysollux, broadway2ollux tindeck
  • Broadway John Egbert - Pingchow, broadwayegbert
  • Broadway Aradia - broadway-aradia, lily, princetavros, became Off-Broadway Aradia solo
  • Broadway Eridan - broadwway eridan, canonAntiphony, bestifusedby, solo as The Fisher Prince
  • Broadway Signless - actorsAllusion, Ryan, became Off-Broadway Signless solo, also did some Karkat
  • Broadway Feferi - broadwayfeferi, broadwayfeferi tindeck
  • BroadwayHarley (Jade Harley) - lizliz

At the time, Broadway Karkat kept all the neat "broadway______" tumblr URLs and discouraged unaffiliated users from calling their singing aliases "Broadway [Character]". Largely, this was respected at the time and most extant music from 2011-2013 attributed to a "Broadway ____" character was affiliated with the group. The confusion begins with the variety of divergent aliases, especially "Off-Broadway ____", which was used both by users never affiliated with Broadwaystuck and by users formerly affiliated with Broadwaystuck. E.g. Broadway Feferi and Off-Broadway Feferi were two people, but Broadway Aradia and Off-Broadway Aradia were the same person (Lily/Princetavros)

Broadwaystuck Works

The most complete archive of Broadwaystuck works, post-Broadwaystuck works by Broadwaystuck participants, and other Homestuck vocal fan content is the Lotus Time Capsule, a 17GB+ archive by someone that attempted to download, sort, and label all Homestuck fan vocals stored on the defunct music hosting site Tindeck. Many, but fewer, tracks are also extant on Youtube, though very few were original uploads since the original tracks were primarily uploaded to Tindeck, and to Tumblr as audio posts.

Fanworks Inspired by Broadwaystuck

Broadwaystuck didn't invent the art of fannish parody or filk, but they did spark a trend of groups attempting to recruit auditions and then formally cast many Homestuck characters with dedicated performers for specific roles. The most successful of these would probably be Melodystuck, which recruited the talented and prolific likes of TotalSpiffage.

In alphabetical order, these groups over the years included:

In June 2019, a cover/tribute project called [S Broadwaystuck: Remember was produced and streamed as a panel for SAHcon.