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Name: Homestuck Ladyfest Exchange, or Ladystuck
Date(s): October 2011-ongoing
Moderator(s): inkpool, oneiromantic, odditycollector, ampersandy
Founder: inkpool
Type: Gift Exchange
Fandom: Homestuck
Associated Community: Ladystuck on Tumblr
Ladystuck on LJ
URL: Ladystuck parent collection on AO3
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Ladystuck, or the Homestuck Ladyfest Exchange, is a Homestuck challenge initiated by inkpool in 2011. Its goal is to celebrate the female characters of Homestuck. So far, over 900 fanworks were created for the collection. Both fanfic and fanart are allowed, with a minimum word count of 1000 words for fiction and minimum size of 400x600 for fanart. The challenge is active on Archive of Our Own and is run by inkpool and a team of other moderators.

Gift Exchange

The Ladystuck New Years Exchange is an annual gift exchange celebrating the female characters in Homestuck. Similar to Yuletide, participants are required to make gift art or gift fic for another participant based on prompts the giftee provides. There is also a Treats collection where participants can create works based on any prompt created by any other participant.

Blind Darkfic Challenge

The Ladystuck Blind Darkfic challenge is an anonymous guess-the-writer-or-artist fic-writing/fanart challenge, similar to the Blind Go challenge. The main goal of this challenge is to express the darker side of Homestuck female-centric fiction. Signups run on the Ladystuck tumblr, separate from Ao3, and are open until a week before the due date.[1] On the due date, the works are revealed anonymously, and the guessing game begins.



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