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Welcome to FanloreProject:Harry Potter Fanfiction Tropes! This project was created in order to add more info to Fanlore about tropes in Harry Potter fanfiction (and other fanworks. It was created because of discussion on the unofficial discord server but you don't need to join us on Discord to participate, although much of our discussion will probably happen there.

What are Harry Potter fanfiction tropes?

Tropes here is being used to mean common plot devices, characterization choices, worldbuilding, and genres. Harry Potter has had so much fic written about it that the common tropes are pretty much chest-high and still flooding in, so we thought it would be fun to brainstorm about them and see if we could really nail down the most common/weird ones we can think of! You qualify to help with this if you've ever in your life read more than a handful of Harry Potter fics.


Some Guidelines

Please note that we are still in the brainstorming stage, so we won't be making pages yet.

You can find our brainstorming document here. Hoopla owns it; editing is turned on for everyone with a link. Please add anything you can think of, including examples of tropes or pieces of meta.

The document will probably be a mess! Right now, we value enthusiasm over perfection. Indent with wild abandon, start new topics, ask questions, complain and gripe about terrible fic, it's all good. We'll neaten everything up later.

(Obviously we can't stop anyone from making pages, but seriously, take a look at that doc — this will go much smoother if we hold off.)

If you can't access the doc or just plain don't want to, feel free to brainstorm or add links or whatever on this page's talk page.


Active Members

Project Badges

If you have added your name to the project participant list and contributed several edits, a badge may be awarded to you by Fanlore Policy & Admin which will be displayed on your user page, similar to Fanlore Challenges like April Showers or June Bloom.

History of the Project

  • Feb. 17th, 2019: Hoopla brought up a quote about the Harry Potter shopping trip trope in the #general channel on the Discord; the google doc was born.
  • June 2, 2020: Elfwreck added "Wizarding relationship customs" to Google doc and created the Potions Accident trope page

Requests for Links or Pages

Please note that we are still in the brainstorming stage, so we won't be making pages yet.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

This section contains more general directions for Fanlore editors about contributing to the wiki, and is standard for all FanloreProjects.

  • Information for new editors can be found in our New Visitor Portal. Among other things, it explains how to make an account, how to start a new page, and includes a lot of other helpful information.
  • Discussion on this project's Talk page is encouraged, as is discussion on individual article Talk pages.
  • All edits, whether big, tiny, or in-between, are welcome.
  • You don't have to be an "expert" on a subject. Adding what you know and feel passionate about are pieces of the puzzle, and ones that hopefully inspire others to expand on the topic.
  • All typos, mistakes, and errors are easily corrected. Don't let perfection hobble you.
  • Remember that Fanlore, like all wikis, is a collaborative effort, and may be edited by anyone.
  • Pages are not "owned" or controlled by any single person or group of people.
  • Pages and the information on them are only as robust, encompassing, and accurate as the information added by interested and enthusiastic fans like you.
  • Fanlore practices and encourages a Fanlore:Plural Point of View.