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Name/s: enchantedsleeper
Fandom/s: I go through a lot of phases, but the ones I come back to most often are Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Strange Case of Starship Iris
You can find me at: AO3, Tumblr
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm enchantedsleeper! I've had a user account on Fanlore since 2013, and started editing regularly in November 2016. In September 2017 I joined the Fanlore Committee as a member of the Policy & Admin team.

I've been in fandom since about 2004, and have been in and out of various fandoms and a couple of fan communities in that time. I love to research and document things, and I intend to contribute what knowledge and experiences I have wherever I can.

Master List of my Fandoms

(In which I attempt to document all of the fandoms I've ever dabbled in, because lists are fun!)

Pirates of the Caribbean (2006-2011)

Pet Projects

These are pages which I have either created or significantly added to, and have a vested interest in watching, updating and continuing to edit.

2016 Projects

2017 Projects

2018 Projects

2019 Projects

2020 Projects

Bingo 2020!

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Bingo 2022

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